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Article: A Top Combination: YOKKAO & American Top Team Announce Partnership

A Top Combination: YOKKAO & American Top Team Announce Partnership

In a move that will have a significant positive impact on the combat sports world, YOKKAO and American Top Team announce their partnership. The combination of these two top names is expected to benefit established and up-and-coming fighters, and the industry as a whole.

Philip Villa, the founder of YOKKAO, flew into the United States and headed straight to the headquarters of American Top Team in Coconut, Florida to sign the partnership. He met with the head of ATT’s organization, including its founder, Dan Lambert. The meeting was very cordial and yet the significance of the event was not lost on any of them.

Both sides view the newly forged partnerships as a major step in advancing combat sports. Villa stated that “By combining the expertise and resources of YOKKAO and ATT, we aim to enhance the development of fighters, create new training opportunities, and expand the reach of Muay Thai and MMA on a global scale.”

Villa further expressed his high hopes for the partnership by saying, “I am grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with American Top Team, and I firmly believe that together, we will shape the future of combat sports. Join us on this incredible journey as we strive to make a lasting impact in the world of martial arts.”

On ATT's part, Lambert said that they were equally looking forward to the new union. "We're excited about the opportunity to join forces with YOKKAO and the opportunities that they bring to the table. Anytime we can collaborate with a partner that's looking to help the fighters, our team, and help grow the sport, it is a win-win situation for all."

The top combination of two major players in the combat sports world is expected to generate plenty of excitement and anticipation. Such a reaction is sure to come not just from fighters and those within the combat sports industry, but even among fans and enthusiasts alike.

To be sure, this partnership is just the beginning. The entire combat sports world cannot wait for what the next developments would be, but it sure is exciting just thinking about it. And whatever it is, it is bound to be a knockout for Muay Thai, MMA, and all of martial arts.

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