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Article: Petroulias: I’m ready to go to war with Singdam at YOKKAO 39!

Petroulias: I’m ready to go to war with Singdam at YOKKAO 39!

Singdam at YOKKAO 39

YOKKAO 39 - 40 will be heading to Sydney, Australia on 25 May for an evening of Muay Thai action. The event will also feature Singdam and Spencer from the YOKKAO Thailand Team.

In YOKKAO 39 main event, Muay Thai legend, Singdam will take on Australian fighter, Alexi Petroulias. Petroulias is the current WKN Intercontinental champion and has held WBC Australian titles in his career. Fighting out of 8 Blade Warriors in Melbourne, Australia, Petroulias received the Pro Male Fighter of the year and Most Technical Fighter of the year at the Australian Muay Thai awards in 2015.

We speak to Alexi ahead of his fight against Singdam:

YOKKAO (Y): Hi Alexi, can you introduce yourself to fans outside Australia who may not be familiar with you?

Alexi (A): Hi my Name is Alexi The Great Petroulias, I was born in Melbourne Australia. I'm 33 years old. My fight record is 48F 31W 15L 2D 10KO.

Y: When did you start training Muay Thai? Why or how did you get into the sport?

A: I always had a passion for fighting and started training kickboxing in my teenage years but nothing serious. It was only when I went to Thailand for the first time at the age of 19 that I was exposed to Muay Thai and fell in love with it straight away, especially the Wai Kru. It wasn't until I left the Army that I had a chance to have my first fight at the age of 25.

Y: How would you describe your fighting style?

A: I am more a technical fighter, but I often change my style to adapt to my opponents, and I'm a little bit difficult to read.

Y: What do you think of your opponent, Singdam?

A: Singdam is a very good fighter, I have seen a lot of his fights and he is very strong. He has become a legend in the sport but I am ready to go to war with him!

Y: What do you think are your chances of winning the fight?

A: I believe the odds are not in my favour, it will be a difficult fight, but it's a fight and anything can happen. He will be my toughest challenge yet, and in saying that I always fight a lot better when I'm the underdog.

Y: How is your training coming along for the coming fight? How have you been preparing yourself for this fight?

A: My training is going really well, I only had a fight a couple of weeks ago so I'm still pretty fit. I've been working a lot on my strength and conditioning as well as with my trainer Superboy, who has been working on my strategy plan for victory. The rest will be up to me on the night.

Y: How do you feel about fighting on a YOKKAO event?

A: I feel very honoured to fight on such a world class show. I am very grateful for the opportunity and I look forward to being part of it again.

Y: Anything you want to say to your fans in Australia?

A: Thank you to everybody including my sponsors and gym for their continuous support.

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