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Article: Announcing the Inaugural YOKKAO UK Open Championship!

Announcing the Inaugural YOKKAO UK Open Championship!

Announcing the Inaugural YOKKAO UK Open ChampionshipIn support of the rapidly growing Muay Thai scene in the UK, YOKKAO is proud to announce the first-ever YOKKAO UK Open competitions. YOKKAO key person, Stefania Picelli has once again teamed up with YOKKAO UK promoter along with YOKKAO Kids organizers for this latest event featuring categories for kids, juniors and adults.
With the Open, amateur fighters of all levels and ambitions can now come together to put their Muay Thai skills to the test in the ring with a chance for glory.

The YOKKAO UK Open is set to take place on 14th and 15th April at the Barnsley Metrodome in England. It is going to be an event of mammoth proportions with 5 rings to be set up at the venue. YOKKAO UK Open is expected to host as many as 400 athletes over the 2-day event. Participants from ages 5 to 14 will take part in the Kids category; those from 15 to 17 will take part in the junior category; and those from 18 to 35 will be placed under the adult category. Additionally, there will be both Muay Thai and K1 (kickboxing) categories to cater to a wider group of martial artists. This is only the beginning.

YOKKAO is set to take the Open globally to different countries with winners from each category qualifying for the YOKKAO World Finals. The winners from the Opens will come together to determine who will be crowned the YOKKAO Kid, Junior and Amateur World Champion. YOKKAO has been pivotal in bringing Muay Thai to a wider audience. Besides promoting world-class events, the brand’s talent-search initiative, YOKKAO Next Generation has provided many young, rising fighters with a platform for international exposure.

Late last year, the YOKKAO Kids show was rolled out at Barnsley Metrodome. The new event series gave junior fighters -as young as 5 years old- the stage to compete in the ring with opportunities of being talent-spotted for sponsorship. The Open will now provide another level of support to amateur competitors.

YOKKAO is truly relentless in its passion to promote and groom young fighting talents from around the world. Calling all Muay Thai and K1 fighters: head on over to to register now. Realize your dream to become a world champion and it begins with the YOKKAO UK Open!

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