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Article: Announcing the Launch of YOKKAO France Website

Announcing the Launch of YOKKAO France Website

Announcing the Launch of YOKKAO France Website

Following a recent launch of its online store in Spanish language, YOKKAO has swiftly constructed a French site to cater for the diversity of the sport’s followers. France has long been a major hotbed of Muay Thai in Europe. The country has produced many of the world’s most well-known foreign Muay Thai fighters such as Fabio Pinca, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Dany Bill, and Damien Alamos. These French Nak Muays have fought at the highest level of the sport in Thailand, some of whom also held the prestigious Lumpinee and Rajadamnern at various points in their career. Most importantly, they have inspired a whole new generation of Muay Thai fighters and enthusiasts who continue to shape the future of the sport in the country. Maybe even the world. To date, YOKKAO has localized its English website into Chinese, Italian, Spanish and now French for speakers of the different languages. The multilingual web store is now working on the German site which will take advantage of the proximity to the YOKKAO warehouse in the Republic of San Marino. Not only will the different sites offer a pleasant online experience, but the installation of various YOKKAO warehouses around the world will also help to improve shipping times drastically. Share the good news with all the French Muay Thai lovers! The YOKKAO France web store can now be accessed via

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