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Article: How to become a YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center!

How to become a YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center!

YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center

Located in the heart of downtown Bangkok, the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok is the official camp of the YOKKAO Fight Team. It is where Muay Thai legends like Singdam, Pakorn, and Saenchai train on a daily basis. The YOKKAO camp is also the adopted home of renowned trainers such as Kru Manop and Kru Petchdam, both of whom are the personal trainers of Saenchai and Singdam respectively. Since opening in 2016, the training center has rapidly built itself up as a renowned Muay Thai camp. With the best fighters and trainers, topped with world-class training, it is now visited daily by Muay Thai fans from all over the world.

The YOKKAO training center affiliate program first began in 2013 to offer local fighters and fight enthusiasts an authentic outlet for learning the art of 8 limbs as well as access to the brand’s high quality gear and equipment. Over the next few years, several prominent gyms around the world signed up in the program, most notably the Training Centers in Sydney, Hong Kong and Leeds, which boasts UK’s top fighters like Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson.

To ensure nothing less than training of the highest quality, YOKKAO has resolved to revamp the affiliate program to the next level with a brand new concept: YOKKAO Trainer Certification Course. In order to become an affiliated training center of YOKKAO, a gym’s trainers need to undergo an instructional and practical course conducted at the headquarters in Bangkok under the personal guidance of the camp’s own trainers. The move ensures that trainers of a YOKKAO affiliate center are able to replicate the high-level training that is found at the Bangkok flagship camp.

Requirements to be certified include familiarity with a standard training curriculum formalized by YOKKAO, methods to conduct a training session for different levels, and requisite pad-holding skills. Upon completion of the course, students will be presented with an official YOKKAO certificate. Affiliated gyms will also be featured on the YOKKAO website which is one of the most visited Muay Thai websites in the world.

YOKKAO is without a doubt, one of the most prolific brand names in today’s global Muay Thai landscape. Besides a complete range of training gear, equipment and apparel, the company promotes Muay Thai events and organizes seminars on an international scale. It also harbours a distinguished squad of the best fighters who compete under the YOKKAO Fight Team. YOKKAO’s 360-degree operations is unprecedented in the history of Muay Thai. The training center affiliate program is open to gyms anywhere in the world. For gyms that wish to become a YOKKAO affiliated training center, please email to for more details.

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