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Article: Benefits of Battle Ropes Training for Muay Thai

Benefits of Battle Ropes Training for Muay Thai

Benefits of Battle Ropes Training for Muay ThaiThe advent and improvements in sports science have allowed athletes of all disciplines to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. As the sport of Muay Thai advances, trainers have begun to experiment with progressive training methods to boost the performance of their fighters.

So far, the consensus is that high intensity interval training (HIIT) works best for fighters in terms of building endurance, strength, agility and power. Besides using resistance bands which was discussed in an earlier article, another of the most popular exercises for fight gyms is battle ropes training.

While the history of training with ropes goes back to ancient times, battle ropes exercises as we know them today, are systematized over the past decade or so. It was initially designed for strongman competitions but subsequently found its way into fight sports and even mainstream gyms. For fight gyms and trainers who have stuck to conventional training methods with unsatisfactory results, it may be time to consider mixing things up.

Here are some of the key benefits of battle ropes training for Muay Thai:

Full-Body Workout
Just a minute of the simple alternate-waves workout is enough to get the lungs burning and muscles screaming. It’s a full body workout that work the shoulders, arms, core, legs, with emphasis on improving stability. At the very least,, it’s a great exercise to count on for pumping up the heart rate and burning fat in a short amount of time.

Mental Endurance
Mental toughness is a key trait that separates a champion from the rest, especially in fight sports. The mental endurance is vital to last the 5 rounds, withstand repeated blows from opponent and return the strikes under pressure. Battle ropes training challenges one to push the limit and willpower with its high intensity.

Despite its high-intensity, battle ropes training is safe with minimum risk of injuries. Compared to traditional weightlifting exercises, battle ropes training is a low-impact yet highly-effective muscle-building exercise that is suitable for professional fighters.

Battle rope workout injects a dose of variety to the daily grind for Muay Thai fighters. The ropes look deceptively simple but can offer many variations when incorporated with other bodyweight exercises.

YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

Here at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, fighters undergo a well-rounded program to prepare them for the challenges of the ring sport. Besides traditional Muay Thai training, modern fitness equipment such as resistance bands and battle ropes regularly find their way into the training regime. YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok is the ideal camp for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level. At the same time, daily training sessions cater to all levels with a team of dedicated trainers who take pride in helping all visitors achieve their full potential. Beginner, intermediate level and professional fighters alike can all stand to benefit by training at YOKKAO. Book a training now!

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