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Article: Benefits of Jumping Rope for Muay Thai

Benefits of Jumping Rope for Muay Thai


Visit any Muay Thai gym in Thailand and it’s a prevalent practice to begin each training session with a run or a few rounds on the jump rope. Rope-jumping, or skipping, is a simple, traditional but still one of the most widely-used warm-up exercises for Muay Thai.

The benefits are numerous and go beyond preparing the body for the intense training ahead. Jumping rope is one of the most loathed exercises, especially for unconditioned beginners new to the sport. It’s not uncommon to feel calf muscle fatigue just a couple of minutes on the jump rope. Skipping can also feel mundane compared to a scenic jog in the park. It’s no surprise why many people choose to give up after just a few minutes or give up on it altogether.

The fact is that skipping is a favored exercise routine for not only Muay Thai fighters but also boxers and many other fight sports athlete. It’s because the simple workout comes with many benefits. Don’t skip the skipping warm-up for Muay Thai training and here’s why:

Warming up before an intense workout like Muay Thai helps to prepare the muscles and joints. Skipping is a dynamic warm-up routine that primes the body and central nervous system. This gets the body ready which helps to minimize injuries.

Improves Coordination
Skipping doesn’t come naturally to everybody as it requires good hand-eye-feet coordination. With regular practice, skipping improves said coordination which is important in a fast-paced full-contact sport like Muay Thai.

Improves stamina
Jumping rope can be performed at different speed for varying intensity. A moderate 30-minute routine can really work the cardiovascular system. Having good stamina is vital in fight sports and this can be achieved with regular, daily skipping practice.

Strengthen leg muscles
One of the biggest benefits from regular skipping is calf muscles conditioning for leveling up muscular endurance, and power. As a plyometric workout, jumping rope can improve kicking power over time. A 30-minute moderate-speed skipping exercise has benefit of conditioning leg muscles to last the full five rounds in the ring.

Full-body workout
Even on its own, skipping rope is a great exercise to include as part of the training program. It works many parts of the body including shoulders, arms, abdominals, and legs. According to the British Rope Skipping Association, 10 minutes of skipping can have the same health benefits as a 45-minute run.

It may take a bit of practice to jump rope like a pro but with so many benefits, it is certainly worth investing a little time before each session on this exercise. Besides, skipping is also a low-cost yet effective training method that can be performed anywhere, anytime. It’s time to grab a rope and let’s get jumping!

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