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Article: Best Massage in Bangkok to Pamper Yourself After Muay Thai Training

Best Massage in Bangkok to Pamper Yourself After Muay Thai Training

Best Massage in Bangkok to Pamper Yourself After Muay Thai Training

There is nothing more therapeutic than a session of authentic full-body Thai massage after a hard day of training at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. Thai massage is often said to be the ultimate sports massage, ideal for professional athletes and everyone who leads an active lifestyle. In the Muay Thai camps of Thailand, fighters get massages from their coaches or campmates especially closer to fight dates. On fight nights, a full-body rub-down is also performed with Thai liniment oil. Before getting into the recommendations, it is worth highlighting the benefits of having regular massages. Massages help to relieve muscle aches, tensions and soreness. Scientific studies have shown that massages help to reduce the production of compounds in the body known as cytokines.

Cytokines are pro-inflammation and may be responsible for the feeling of pain. Pills like aspirins or other anti-inflammatory drugs may offer pain relief but could inhibit cell recovery. On the other hand, massages have been found to enhance recovery. When a sports person continues to train with severe muscle aches, it affects their performance and may lead to injuries and muscle strains. Regular massages can thus help to minimize injuries while improving overall performance during training and competition. Here in Bangkok, there are massages and spas sprouting up in every corner. The city is quite unrivaled when it comes to massage options. With affordable rates and highly-skilled masseurs, many visitors have been known to indulge in body or foot massages daily. For those training in Bangkok or planning a Muay Thai vacation to the capital, below are some of the best massage options around:

1. Health Land Spa and Massage

Health Land is a legitimate massage experience that can be counted on. They have several branches in Bangkok and Pattaya offering a wide variety of services from traditional Thai massage to sauna and ayurvedic treatments. Prices are only slightly higher than the gloomy shops sprinkled everywhere in Bangkok but Health Land offers more value for money. They run by appointment so remember to make a booking before heading over as they are almost always fully booked. Health Land rarely disappoints.

2. Yunomori Onsen

Yunomori is a popular establishment among the Japanese expat community in Bangkok. It is also the first authentic Japanese onsen to open in Bangkok. The ambience is great and the touch of Japanese aesthetics in the decor is lovely. Besides the communal hot spring baths where there are several to choose from, there is also a steam room and sauna. Last but not least, there are also various massage and spa services here. For a complete rejuvenation, Yunomori Onsen is hard to beat.

3. On Nut Massage Street

On Nut is an area just a few stop from downtown Sukhumvit. Just 5 minutes’ walk from On Nut BTS (skytrain) station is an alley littered with the cheapest massage shops in Bangkok. Often referred to as “Massage street”, Sukhumvit Soi 77/1 alley hosts over 20 massage shops along this short stretch. Body and foot massages can be found for as little as 150 Thai baht an hour here. Such establishments are usually very functional, minimal interior design with little in terms of ambience. It is easy to get several hours of massage therapy here for the same price you would pay for an hour in central Sukhumvit. For those who just need a basic muscular relief, the baht will go far here compared to massage in the tourist district. Best option for the budget-conscious.

YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

A full-body massage feels doubly sweet after Muay Thai training, and the best place to get that hard Muay Thai training in Bangkok has to be the YOKKAO Training Center. The renowned gym offers authentic Muay Thai training under the guidance of world-class trainers, alongside members of the YOKKAO Fight team. Private training sessions are available with Muay Thai champions like Singdam Kiatmoo9, Pakorn, Manachai, and of course, one of the greatest legends of all time, Saenchai! The gym is located conveniently in the heart of downtown Bangkok, within walking distance to the nearest sky train station and a wide range of accommodation, food, shopping and entertainment. For a vacation in the Thai capital that is like no other, YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok is truly the place to be. Book a training today!

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