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Article: How to choose the best Muay Thai Gym Bag

How to choose the best Muay Thai Gym Bag

Whether you are a Muay Thai/combat sports beginner or advanced level practitioner, you will need a gym bag for portable convenience to store all of your training essentials.

As a beginner, you will need and will be carrying a pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps, training attire, and a water bottle for your training. When you progress further down the road, you will be adding sparring gear like shin guards, mouth guard, and a groin protector. Some practitioners also fit in a pair of focus mitts or kick pads for outdoor training with friends. Mixed martial artists may also be training BJJ and will be packing a set of Gi.

With the amount of gear that you will be carrying, it is apparent that you will need a large enough bag for your training or competitions. In this article, we will share with you how to choose the best Muay Thai gym bag.

Qualities of the Best Muay Thai Gym Bags

Not all gym bags are suitable for Muay Thai or combat sports. Most of the gym bags in the market cater to fitness gyms goers who usually pack just a set of workout attire and a water bottle. Here’s a look at the qualities to look out for when choosing the right gym bag for Muay Thai and combat sports:


Size needs to be the top consideration when it comes to choosing a gym bag for combat sports training. With potentially so much gear to bring to training, size is a top priority. If you are planning to be doing Muay Thai or combat sports for years to come, size matters when it comes to getting a gym bag.


Most fitness gym bags are not only small in size but also made using thin fabric like nylon. Nylon is a lightweight and inexpensive material but is not durable compared to canvas or leather. With so much gear to carry, it is best to go for sturdy, tear-resistant material for long-lasting durability. Look out for double stitching which provides added strength.


If you will be commuting via public transport, then go for a gym bag with good ergonomics. Gym bags can come exclusively with shoulder sling (duffel bag style) or double shoulder straps (backpack). While duffel bags are easier to handle or retrieve items, they can cause body alignment imbalance which may cause the spine to curve laterally.

Backpacks spread the weight more evenly and are better for your spine if you will be walking around alot with your gym gear. The best option is to go for a convertible bag that offers both carrying methods.


Looks and design of a gym bag are not critical factors to consider for most people but they certainly won’t hurt. All things equal, a good looking bag will always capture your attention. Since you are paying for it, might as well go for a high-quality gym bag with a striking design.


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