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Article: How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Shin Guards

How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Shin Guards

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is a kickboxing style that originated in Thailand. Created as a martial art for unarmed combat on the battlefields, it has evolved since the early 20th century into the modern sport that we know today.

As Muay Thai grew and evolved, emphasis has been placed on creating a conducive training environment, particularly for sparring. Boxing gloves can help to minimize face or head injuries. However, Thai boxing comprises many kicking and blocking techniques which can lead to leg or body injuries during sparring.

In order to lower the risk of injuries, fighters and trainers use shin guards for protection. Shin guards are used in many full-contact sports as they protect the shin bones and lower the impact when kicks land against the body. However, Muay Thai shin guards differ from shin guards used in other sports like soccer or hockey.

If you are about to start Muay Thai sparring, it is important to get the right gear for the best protection and performance. Here are some things to look out for when you are shopping for the best Muay Thai shin guards:


High-quality shin guards typically use real leather over synthetic leather for better durability and tear-resistance. However, innovative fightgear companies have introduced microfiber leather as an alternative option with better affordability without compromising quality. There are also cotton shin guards which are designed for amateur competitions and not recommended for day-to-day sparring.


Muay Thai shin guards are built sturdier than other sports to offer more protection. For example, they use a thicker foam padding for better impact absorption. This is why it is important to use the right gear and not substitute with shin guards from other sports.

Cotton shin guards offer less protection as they incorporate a thinner foam padding. MMA shin guards are also not ideal for Muay Thai sparring for the same reason as they are designed more for mobility due to grappling and hence offer less protection.


It is key to get shin guards with the right fit in order to achieve the best performance during training and sparring. Shin guards need to be stable and secured during intense action so as not to disrupt sparring. One of the factors to get the right fit is the right sizing. The best way is to try them on at a store or your gym. Alternatively, check the size guide provided at online stores or look for online reviews.


Other than the above attributes, one last thing to look for is the aesthetic design. There are many different fightgear makers and a wide range of shin guard designs to choose from. Choosing shin guards with a design and style you like is also a way to define yourself and stand out. For those who prefer to let their sparring skills speak for themselves, there are also lots of basic models to choose from.

YOKKAO Muay Thai Shin Guards

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