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Article: Best YOKKAO Instagram Clips of the Month (May)

Best YOKKAO Instagram Clips of the Month (May)

Best YOKKAO Instagram Clips of the Month (May)May has been a busy month for us with new product releases and YOKKAO 39 - 40 that took place on 25 May in Sydney. We remain committed in staying connected with our fans and over the past month, we posted 25 videos on our Instagram account with many going viral. Here are five of the best and most viewed clips of the month:

#5 - Singdam at work (May 17)

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The ⚫️

#4 - Elbow from Hell (May 27)

Everybody loves a good spinning elbow. Jordie Bargailie dominated much of the fight but Coverdale fought back hard and showed immense heart. The explosive fight almost concluded on a climatic note when Bargailie’s swift and perfectly-timed spinning back elbow caught Coverdale right in the kisser, leaving the latter down for the eight-count. Beware the spinning elbow!

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Spinning elbow from hell

#3 - Throwback Prank (May 10)

This throwback still gives us the laughs. Our top prankster and living legend, Saenchai gets into action for a prank once again, roping in Singdam along for the fun. One thing’s for sure: it’s never a dull day with Saenchai in the house.

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#Throwbackthursday Nobody is safe

#2 - Spar Wars (May 12)

It’s the spar wars at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok with our young fight stars turning up the heat. Manachai, Yodchai, Spencer and our latest recruit, Faipa all got in for non-stop round upon round of sparring. Train hard, fight easy.

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Rounds on top of rounds with @yodchai_1995 @spencer_yokkao @manachai1996 and Faipa the new recruit

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#1 - Spencer Drops the Bombs (May 26)

The Bodysnatcher claims another victim, this time in Sydney on YOKKAO 40. Spencer has been working on his punches at the gym with Thai team Olympic boxing trainer, Ajarn Pui for the past few months. The results speak for itself - a round-2 knockout via body shot for a spectacular finish. The video has gone viral with over 300k views in a week since it was posted.

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@spencer_yokkao KO via body punches

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