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Article: Boxing Coach Barry Robinson comes to YOKKAO!

Boxing Coach Barry Robinson comes to YOKKAO!

Boxing Coach Barry Robinson comes to YOKKAO

Famous boxing coach and martial arts breakdown specialist, Barry Robinson is in town. Barry is the founder of “A Million Styles Boxing” (AMSB) training system that has been used by professional boxers and UFC fighters. He has been invited by YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok to work with Singdam, Manachai and Yodchai and help them prepare for their upcoming fights. Barry is perhaps best known for his dedication to analyzing boxing and other martial arts fights through his online videos. His insights and fight wisdom have benefited many global fans, fighters and coaches.

Although Barry is a professional boxing coach, he is no stranger to different martial arts as he believes in the advantage of learning and synthesizing different styles. He has dissected and analyzed different fight styles and worked with fighters in UFC and Glory Kickboxing, among others.

This is also not the first time Barry has come to Thailand to work with Muay Thai fighters, so he is certainly no stranger to the Thai martial arts. In his own words, Barry is a “film study fanatic”. He has already conducted film studies of the YOKKAO fighters in attempt to find ways that can magnify each athlete’s strengths and upgrade their weakest attributes. One of his several plans is to work on helping the fighters understand footwork better and hopes to dispel the notion that Muay Thai fighters don’t move as much as their boxing counterparts. He believes that superior footwork can vastly elevate a fighter’s game as best exemplified by the best Muay Thai fighter in the world, Saenchai.

From the sound of all these, the upcoming training looks to be an exciting and fruitful period for the YOKKAO fighters. Barry Robinson's first day at YOKKAO Bangkok: "My first day at Yokkao was a nervous one for me personally. Being around so many elite level athletes is humbling and a treat as a spectator. Singdam blew me away. Having a reputation as a power kicker I was very impressed by his speed through the delivery of his kick. Like a car accidents impact at 200km per hour. It doesn't stop there, in sparring he showed the ability to fight any style. That shocked me. Unbelievably talented athlete. Pakorn was smooth as they get. A veteran who operates in a cerebral fashion. His talent is very obvious as he had fun regardless what he was doing while doing it at a high level. Manachai in my opinion can be the future of Muay Thai and Kickboxing if he wants. He is not even close to his potential athletically and mentally. When he comes to age as a man and his confidence rises beyond a reasonable doubt... To the point where he thinks, I'm the fastest, strongest, and smartest athlete/fighter/competitor in the world... He will be the most dangerous man in the world. That will take time. Then again, that's what Athlete Development is all about."

For those looking for an effective and different system of training to improve their fight skills, take note: Barry will be stationed at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok until the end of July, where he will also be available for private training session. This is a rare opportunity to work with the professional boxing trainer so don’t sleep on it! Book your private boxing sessions with Barry Robinson at

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