Bratislava hosts 1st YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai in Slovakia!

Bratislava hosts 1st YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai in Slovakia

This July, YOKKAO Seminar gets another tick on the list of countries visited. For the very first time since its launch in 2012, the popular training event series will be setting foot in the central European nation of Slovakia! YOKKAO Seminar has visited neighboring Poland and Hungary in the past but fans in Slovakia will now finally host its own meet-and-train event with the living legend, Saenchai. Following the successful formula of the Seminar series, fans will get a chance to learn the unique, signature moves as imparted by the master himself. A few lucky participants will also have the opportunity to spar with him. It’s always a fun-filled and memorable experience that is not to be missed.

Through the years, Saenchai has proven time and time again why he is arguably the greatest fighter in the world of Thai boxing. He has captured numerous titles and awards with a flamboyant yet effective fighting style unlike any others in the history of combat sports. At the age of 37, Saenchai continues to not only compete in the ring but dominate over his opponents. In the process of fighting, he also enthralls and entertains fight fans everywhere. This is an accomplishment that is unparalleled and the reason why his seminars sell out every single time. 4 YOKKAO seminars with Saenchai have already been booked in Bratislava, Slovakia on 28 – 29 July. For gyms in the country or region interested in hosting a seminar with Saenchai around these dates, please contact to make arrangements.

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