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Article: Buakaw, Pakorn and Manachai dominate the game at All-Star Fight!

Buakaw, Pakorn and Manachai dominate the game at All-Star Fight!

Buakaw, Pakorn and Manachai dominate the game at All-Star Fight

Another brilliant performance was given by YOKKAO Fight Team stars, Pakorn and Manachai yesterday at the debut of All-Star Fight: Elite Fighter in Bangkok. Both fighters won via points to showcase their talents in what could potentially be one of the most popular fight promotions in the country.

Manachai YOKKAO Saenchai Gym Pakorn delivered a solid Muay Thai performance especially at the third round, where he switched into beast mode, completely neutralizing his opponent Julio Lobo from Brazil. There was certainly no surprise when Pakorn’s hand was raised at the end of the match. After a period of discontinued training, Pakorn returned to the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok earlier this year to follow a strict regime alongside Singdam, Saenchai and the rest of the crew. The former Lumpinee and Rajadamnern champion looks to add more titles to his collection. Young YOKKAO star, Manachai continues to impress the audience with his incessant, powerful shots that often leaves his opponents with no chance for a breather. This time, he defeated Vahid Shahbazi, a veteran of the ring who has fought against the best of the best Muay Thai fighters, including Saenchai.

Manachai increases his international Muay Thai recognition with this win and it will be interesting to continue charting the youngster’s fight career in the years to come. A chief highlight of the event was of course the fight between All-Star Fight key promoter, Buakaw and his opponent, Azize Hlali. The Muay Thai megastar never fails to delight his fans. The fight started out slow-paced but evenly-matched between the 2 fighters. With about 20 seconds left to the end of round one, Buakaw delivers a devastating left hook to Azize that came out of nowhere that ended the bout with a KO.

All in just 161 seconds into the fight! A perfect way to leave an indelible mark on the inaugural event. The first All-Star Fight event was a total success that lived up to all expectations, with excited fans already looking to the next installment. Both fights were streamed live on the YOKKAO Instagram account, so make sure to follow us for the upcoming fight and events. Manachai will make his next appearance alongside Saenchai and Singdam at YOKKAO 25 and 26, the biggest Muay Thai events outside of Thailand. Stay tuned!

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