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Article: Denputhai Scores Impressive Victory at Rajadamnern Stadium

Denputhai Scores Impressive Victory at Rajadamnern Stadium

Denputhai, one of the key members of the YOKKAO Fight Team, just scored an impressive victory at Rajadamnern Stadium. The fight was held at one of the most prestigious stadiums in Muay Thai last Thursday, August 17, 2023.

Sporting a record of 121 fights with 65 victories, Denputhai is already an experienced veteran despite his relatively young age of 25. This latest victory should provide him with more than enough momentum to go on a run and shake up the lightweight division.

The fight started off pretty evenly for both fighters. Denputhai had some initial struggles with the length and reach of his opponent, BigOne Tongkubon. Those were advantages that his opponent was able to use effectively especially at the start of the fight.

However, as the match went on, Denputhai was able to adjust and time his opponent’s attacks. He had beautiful counters to every move that BigOne threw at him, frustrating his larger opponent until the final bell. Denputhai connected with beautiful body kicks while catching more than a few from his foe. He more than held his own in the clinches and knee exchanges. In the end, there was no doubt about his victory.

With his latest win, Denputhai is looking forward to putting together a nice run. He looked good and was quite sharp in the process of getting the victory. It showed that he is ready for bigger and better challenges ahead.

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