Factory to Ring: Saenchai Reppin’ the Latest YOKKAO Shorts!

Latest YOKKAO Shorts

It is not very often a large company allows you a sneak peek of the factory to view some new products in process, but that is just one of the things that separates YOKKAO from all the competition. With the all new YOKKAO Snapchat account today you can watch many of the most popular lines of YOKKAO gear being hand crafted in the factory, from basic hand wraps, to the all new, cutting edge Carbon Attack Shorts. Watch the Carbon Attack shorts travel all the way from the sewing machine, to the YOKKAO Shop, right up to Living Legend Saenchai’s most recent intense training session within the all new Yokkao Muay Thai Training Center Bangkok.

Saenchai loves to try out the latest in YOKKAO gear, and he loved reppin the all new YOKKAO design, and most importantly, they did not let him down! If you have not added YOKKAO to your Snapchat yet, make sure you do it today, as YOKKAO’s Snapchat account will continue to evolve, and will be bringing you many more behind the scene videos and images, including the latest in gear and designs, YOKKAO Team fight training, and strength & conditioning sessions. Latest YOKKAO Carbon Attack Shorts are available now at: https://asia.yokkao.com/shop Follow YOKKAO on all the most popular social media formats, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope powered by Twitter.

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