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Article: Full Fight Card Announced for YOKKAO 45-46

Full Fight Card Announced for YOKKAO 45-46

The countdown begins for YOKKAO 45-46 with less than two weeks left to fight night in Turin, Italy. Organized in partnership with YOKKAO Italy promoter, Carlo Barbuto, the 45-46th edition of our official event series will be held on 25 January at the PalaRuffini Arena.

YOKKAO 45-46 is bringing together two back-to-back main cards along 18 bouts on the Next Generation undercard in one night. The YOKKAO Kids junior fighting initiative will also run from 9:00 in the same venue for a full day of Muay Thai action.

We are marking our return to Italy with another stacked card of stellar match-ups following the sold-out success of last year’s event in Turin. This year’s massive fight card features notable champions and home-grown fan-favorites from Italy who star alongside members of the YOKKAO Fight Team including Saenchai, Singdam, Manachai, Yodchai and Faipha.

Headlining the show are two highly-anticipated bouts with multi-time world champion, Singdam taking on Christian Zahe; and living legend, Saenchai in the main event against local hero, Shan Cangelosi. With the two Thai legends together on the same card, this is definitely a rare occasion and an event not to be missed.The undercard is set to start at 15:00 with the main card kicking off at 19:00. Tickets are available at: https://sport.ticketone.it/event/it/45805/90600761/thai-boxe-mania-presenta-yokkao-45-46 . Here’s a look at the full fight card:

** YOKKAO 46 **

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -65kg

Saenchai Pk Saenchaimuaythaigym vs Shan Cangelosi

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -65kg

Manachai Yokkaosaenchaigym vs Pasquale Amoruso

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs YOKKAO Fight Team Italy -65kg

Faipha Yokkaosaenchaigym vs Cristian Faustino

France vs Italy -85kg

Jeanne Jacky vs Luca Andreani

Italy vs Italy -70kg

Martin Meoni vs Filippo Solheid

Italy vs Italy - 63.5kg

Riccardo Cristiani vs Jonathan Astarita

Italy vs France -70kg

Tiziano Campus vs Damien Cazambo

** YOKKAO 45 **

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -65kg
Singdam Yokkaosaenchaigym vs Christian Zahe

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -61kg
Yodchai Yokkaosaenchaigym vs Alessandro Sara

France vs Italy -52kg
Juliette Lacroix Brizon vs Jleana Valentino

Mexico vs Italy -60kg
Jose Tuzo vs Rustam Vyntu

Italy vs Italy -72.5kg
Yao Agbetiafa vs Francesco Laquale

Italy vs Italy -88kg
Rovelli Paolo vs Michele Mastromatteo

Egypt vs Italy -65kg
Taha El Makarem vs Ruben Sciortino

** YOKKAO Next Generation **

Valerio Camusso vs Cisse Alphousseyni -64kg

Giulia Lannotti vs Giorgia Abena -61kg

Alessandro Specolizzi vs Andrea De Stefano -58kg

Ciro Salvati vs Francesco Demartis -67kg

Oscar Salsotto vs Laurentiu Partenie -72kg

Michael Termini vs Baye Leye Talla -59kg

Andrea Castellano vs Emanuele Puolo -65kg

Paterniti Sebastiano vs Luca Ratti -58kg

Alberighi Matteo vs Chakir Anouar -64kg

Andrea De Masi vs Shady Plez -63.5kg

Valeria Gargiulo vs Giada Nicosia -52kg

Giacomazzo vs Alessandro Venuto -72kg

Vittorio Amodeo vs Oussama Chaidi -67kg

Mike Astarita vs Andrea Passoni -58kg

Meraje Ozbazaie vs Razvan Burcan -63.5kg

Alfredo Foglia vs Alessandro Fillini -60kg

Forte Alessio vs Abdo Toma -63.5kg

Alessandro Pugliese vs Bircaj Endry -71kg

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