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Article: Guide to Buying Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

Guide to Buying Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

Guide to Buying Muay Thai Gear in Bangkok

No Muay Thai vacation to Bangkok is complete without scoring a stash of gear. The Thai capital offers the best deals on Muay Thai goods and the widest range possible. Most visitors inevitably stock up on cheap but great-quality hand wraps, Thai liniment oil and a pair of boxing gloves, or two. T-shirts with Muay Thai logos or graphics are popular options too. It would certainly be a crime to return home empty-handed. Shopping for Muay Thai gear is always a fun experience for fight fans. Due to the immense tourist traffic heading into the country every year, some local shop owners charge a “tourist premium” on unsuspecting customers to make a quick buck. Such shops are usually found around areas where tourists congregate such as Nana in downtown Sukhumvit and the popular MBK mall. While some enjoy the bargaining aspect of shopping in Bangkok, one can often find Muay Thai goods at better prices in official shops and trusted retailers. Muay Thai gear shops are scattered around the city so here are some popular shopping spots to consider:

1. Gyms

The most convenient avenue to buy gear for those who have come to train Muay Thai in Bangkok is the gym. Most Muay Thai gyms (not all) often stock a limited selection of gear and apparel for sale. The prices for standard products here will be more than official stockists but it’s a price to pay for the convenience. What is more appealing is that gyms often sell Muay Thai shorts and tees customized with their own design and logo. These apparel make for great souvenirs to bring back home.

2. Stadiums

Rajadamnern and the New Lumphini stadiums are the 2 most prestigious arenas of Muay Thai in the world. These are the stadiums to see Muay Thai fights at the highest-level, so fight fans visiting the city make it a point to visit the 2 landmarks. There are several official Muay Thai gear shops located within the premises of both stadiums. Those planning on watching some top-notch stadium action can thus get their hands on some top-notch Muay Thai gear to bring home. As official shops, the prices are very reasonable and the range of products offered is as comprehensive as it can get.

3. MBK Center

MBK Center is a paradise for those who love to haggle over prices to get a good deal. There are several gear shops littered around different levels of the mall, stocking select Muay Thai essentials. As most of them are small-scale retailers, the variety is usually quite limited to a few of the country's top brands. The shop staff will often start off by quoting a high price and it’s up to the customer to try and bargain down. Clearly, MBK is not the best place for gear shopping but it’s certainly convenient for those short on time when traveling with families.

4. YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok

YOKKAO Training Center is one of the best Muay Thai gyms in Bangkok and houses a shop peddling its world-famous products. From premium boxing gloves to shin guards to a wide selection of Muay Thai shorts and apparel, this is the place to shop. The camp is located in the heart of downtown Sukhumvit, the most exciting district in the capital. The accessibility, coupled with the opportunity to train alongside world-famous Muay Thai fighters like Saenchai, Singdam, and Manachai makes YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok an attraction in itself and not to be missed.

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