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Article: Headlining YOKKAO 17 Liam Harrison vs Tetsuya Yamato!

Headlining YOKKAO 17 Liam Harrison vs Tetsuya Yamato!

Headlining YOKKAO 17 Liam Harrison vs Tetsuya Yamato!

Released on Facebook and Instagram, the news is surfing the web: the ultra-aggressive Tetsuya Yamato will fight against Liam Harrison as the main event in YOKKAO 17 coming up on Saturday, March 19th at the Macron Stadium in Bolton (UK).

Both Harrison and Yamato are WBC Champions respectively at 66.6kg and 63.5kg. The fight at YOKKAO 17 is set at -65kg.

Liam the "Hitman" Harrison, with 100 fights to his name, needs no introductions. He is the only "farang" who has fought the most dangerous Muay Thai fighters in the world in his weight. His last fights in YOKKAO events against Houcine Bennoui, Pakorn and Singdam Kiatmoo9 sparked the interest of Muay Thai lovers with overall, more than 150,000 views on Youtube and Facebook.

Tetsuya Yamato is considered the most aggressive Muay Thai Fighter in Japan and has an enviable curriculum that has seen wins vs Sagetdao and fights against Top Muay Thai names including the Muay Thai Living Legend Saenchai. Well known for his outstanding elbows, Tetsuya has a 47 fight record of 34 wins, with 23 by KO.

The fight is set to mark another page of Muay Thai history with fans already previewing the devastating low kicks by Harrison and devastating elbows from Yamato.

Together with Jordan Watson vs Sanny Dahlbeck for the YOKKAO World Title -70kg at ‪#‎YOKKAO18 along with the Top YOKKAO UK Ranked Fighters to be released soon, fans be ready for Saturday, March 19th, 2016 because this is setting up to be the most exciting Muay Thai Event in the World.

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