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Article: Historic Partnership Sealed Between YOKKAO & Titan FC: Elevating Combat Sports in America

Historic Partnership Sealed Between YOKKAO & Titan FC: Elevating Combat Sports in America

In a historic move, YOKKAO, a global Muay Thai brand, and Titan FC, one of the most prominent MMA promotions in the United States, have come together for an unprecedented partnership. The agreement was signed by Philip Villa, the founder of YOKKAO, and Lex McMahon, the founder of Titan FC, during the inaugural event in Hallandale Beach, Florida, on July 21.

This partnership marks a significant turning point for both YOKKAO and Titan FC. Not only will YOKKAO provide high-quality gear, but they will also play an integral role in co-promoting and introducing Full Rules Muay Thai fights in the cage. This move aims to raise the level of combat sports in America and open up new avenues for athletes and enthusiasts alike.

The inaugural event held last Friday, July 21, was a testament to the potential of this partnership. One moment that particularly stood out was the astonishing record set for the fastest knockout (KO) in MMA history. During Titan FC 83, 26-year-old Luis Hernandez achieved what many thought to be an unbeatable feat by securing a KO win over Brian Topp in a mere two seconds.

The crowd was left in awe as Hernandez unleashed a swift and vicious kick to Topp’s head right off the bell, rendering his opponent unconscious and forcing the referee to intervene immediately. This breathtaking display of skill and power showcased the immense talent and excitement that this partnership between YOKKAO and Titan FC promises to bring to the American combat sports scene.

With YOKKAO’s expertise and reputation as a global leader in Muay Thai equipment and promotion and Titan FC’s standing as a prominent MMA organization, fans can expect a fusion of two electrifying worlds. The introduction of Full Rules Muay Thai fights in the cage is a bold move that will not only diversify the fight card but also challenge athletes to showcase their versatility and adaptability.

The decision to incorporate Full Rules Muay Thai fights is significant as it reflects the growing popularity and appreciation of this traditional martial art beyond its Southeast Asian roots. By bringing it to the Titan FC platform, YOKKAO, and Titan FC are facilitating a cultural exchange and giving American audiences a chance to witness the beauty and intensity of Muay Thai up close.

The success of the first event has set the stage for an exciting future. Both Philip Villa and Lex McMahon are enthusiastic about what lies ahead for their organizations and the combat sports community in the United States. The next event, scheduled for October 13, 2023, in Hallandale Beach, Florida, is already generating immense anticipation.

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