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Article: Importance of Mouthguards for Muay Thai Sparring

Importance of Mouthguards for Muay Thai Sparring

Importance of Mouthguards for Muay Thai Sparring

For those who have embarked on the path of training Muay Thai, sparring is the the next step after those initial months learning all the basic moves and techniques.

Sparring is an intermediate-level training to help put basic moves into practice against a partner, and helps to bridge the gap between training and actual competitive fighting. Besides wearing heavier gloves and shin guards, mouthguard is also an indispensable protective tool in sparring.

The most commonly cited and important reasons for wearing mouth guard is that it keeps the wearer's teeth intact and protecting against lip lacerations. Muay Thai is a full-contact fight sport and getting punched in the face is all part of the game. Accidents occur from time to time in sparring, so wearing mouthguards can help to minimize or prevent oral damage. The act of biting down also helps to stabilize the jaws which can reduce the risks of jaw fractures or sprains.

Wearing mouthguards takes some getting used to. While wearing a mouthguard, it impedes on speech and can be difficult to breathe with. However, mouthguard ergonomic designs have come a long way and many improvements have been made to make them more comfortable for the wearer. Dental consultation and treatment fees also far outweigh the cost of an affordable mouth guard that wearing one for training is a no-brainer.

There are a few types of mouthguards available on the market namely the fixed-shaped stock mouthguards, boil-and-bites, and custom-mades. Boil-and-bites offer the best compromise between comfort, fit and price. Hence they are the most common and widely-used mouthguards in most contact sports including Muay Thai.

While Muay Thai can be a vicious sport, the hurting should be limited to the ring. Safety is key in training and injuries should always be avoided. In Muay Thai, technical sparring is the order of the day. Spar light, gear up with the right protection and always remember to have fun. That's the true spirit of the sport.

YOKKAO Mouth Guards

YOKKAO Mouth Guards

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