Josh Turbill looking forward to a third win in a row at YOKKAO 13!


Known for an aggressive and unforgiving fighting style, Josh Turbill, who trains under Scott Chadwick of the Spitfire Muay Thai gym in Heywood, is confirmed to fight Jack Cooper at YOKKAO 13. The fight will be valid and counted for the UK YOKKAO UK Ranking score system. Coming in with two wins in a row vs Steven Long at YOKKAO 8 and Tommi vs McCormick at YOKKAO 11, Turbill officially entered in the top of the YOKKAO UK Ranking -70kg with a prestigious position held right after the YOKKAO World Champion -70kg Jordan Watson. Josh will defend his place in the YOKKAO UK rankings, fighting against Jack Cooper, a talented 20 year old who grew up in the Muay Thai camp Por Promin (Hua Hin) with a background of 33 matches (all in Thailand) - 28 wins and 5 losses. YOKKAO 12 and YOKKAO 13 will take place on the same night, Saturday 21st of March, 2015 at Macron Stadium (Bolton).

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