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Article: Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Spencer Brown the KO Kid!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Spencer Brown the KO Kid!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet Spencer Brown the KO Kid

The Body Snatcher has done it again. Another opponent bites the dust as Spencer Brown delivers a win with yet another KO. The 20 year-old fighter from Irvine, Scotland was up against Thai homegrown fighter, Mongkolpetch Naya Parkview for the show last evening on Mx Muay Xtreme. The fight exploded right from the start with no withholding back from both sides. It was déjà vu for Spencer and the spectators as he ended the fight in the same spectacular fashion as his last Max Muay Xtreme appearance: with a KO in round 1 once again! The KO-inducing right hook makes this the seventh KO win out of a young fighting career of 13 wins in 18 fights. Spencer is without a doubt, one of Europe’s most promising exports to make waves in the Muay Thai scene. He first started training in the sport about 5 years ago at the age of 14 and fought in the ring shortly after.

Back home in Irvine, he trains out of Rama Camp Muay Thai but currently devotes his time training and fighting in Thailand. More specifically, at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. Everything from the food, weather and culture, has been a completely new experience for the youngster, but he has adapted well. The training has certainly proved to be fruitful so far. Spencer is the second foreign fighter to join the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, after Erhan YOKKAOSaenchaiGym. The YOKKAO fight promotion team talent-spotted Spencer during the YOKKAO Next Generation in UK 2 years ago.

The event has been on a continual mission to discover and groom young fight talents around the world with Spencer being testament to the success. Both fighters have been living in Bangkok and training alongside YOKKAO Fight Team’s elite fighters like Saenchai, Singdam and Manachai. More importantly, they have been gifted with great opportunities to compete on the world stage and at the highest level of the sport. As a Muay Thai brand, YOKKAO is second to none in shaping the modern Muay Thai scene and providing unprecedented exposure for the new generation of promising young fighters around the globe. Spencer Brown next fights: YOKKAO 25-26 Hong Kong Monday, September 11th YOKKAO 27-28 Bolton, October 15th Tickets available at

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