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Article: Liam Harrison: "Pakorn has something I want!"

Liam Harrison: "Pakorn has something I want!"

Liam Harrison: "Pakorn has something I want!

"After the news went viral of the fight that will see the YOKKAO World Champion Pakorn PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym facing off against Liam Harrison, today the video has been released in which Liam Harrison promises an absolute war on Saturday, March 21st , 2015 at YOKKAO 13. "Pakorn has something I want!" so says Liam referring to the YOKKAO World Title that Pakorn won against Greg Wootton at YOKKAO 12. This seems not to have had much impact on Pakorn, after seeing the video with a mischievous smile he replied "Liam can forget the belt. No way" Liam Harrison: "we make good friends, but we make better enemies." The two, who already have known eachother for sometime having trained together at the Muay Thai camp "Jitty Gym" in Bangkok, they are ready to let sparks fly for the YOKKAO World Title defining who will be the best fighter of Muay Thai in the 65kg's category.

This week Pakorn, along with the YOKKAO management, they will soon issue an interview to the cameras of Rocket Media BKK in 4K ULTRA HD. Shortly after, the announcement will be made of the main event at YOKKAO 12 along with who will be amongst the best fighters from the UK to fight in what will mark again another remarkable page of Muay Thai history. SAVE THE DATE: YOKKAO 12 - YOKKAO 13 Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. VIP Ringside SOLD OUT Gold Outer Ringside £60.00 GBP Silver £45.00 GBP Bronze SOLD OUT


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