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Article: Manachai Takes Winning Streak to Perfect 10!

Manachai Takes Winning Streak to Perfect 10!

Manachai Takes Winning Streak to Perfect 10

After a successful Italian debut back in January, Manachai returned to Milan on 8th April for the Parabellum promotion by Luca Pigliafreddo from Yamabushi Gym. The young talent had won via a round-one TKO at "The Night of Kick and Punch" in his previous Italian appearance and local fans were looking forward to seeing him live in action again. In his return to Milan, Manachai took on Italian opponent, Christian Zahe for a 3x3 (3 rounds of 3 minutes) matchup. It was non-stop action from start to end where Manachai brought on his signature wreckage in the ring.

Despite the punishment from Manachai via a barrage of crippling low kicks, the resilient Zahe refused to go down. Both fighters finished the 3 rounds intact with Manachai awarded the win via unanimous decision after a dominating performance. With the win against Christian Zahe, Manachai has now taken his winning streak to a perfect ten. The YOKKAO fighter has been racking up back-to-back wins and it will be interesting to see how far he can stretch the undefeated campaign. There is little time to rest for those seeking to achieve greatness and Manachai is already back in the camp working with his intensive training schedule.

In a couple more weeks, Manachai will make his way to Europe again as he is set to appear as the headlining act at YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton on April 29th. Follow YOKKAO via social media for all the latest updates.

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