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Article: Manachai Wins in Convincing Fashion at All Star Fight 4

Manachai Wins in Convincing Fashion at All Star Fight 4

Manachai Wins in Convincing Fashion at All Star Fight 4

All Star Fight got off on a grand note for its first international event last night at the Kowloon International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. The event hall was packed to maximum capacity as fans from Hong Kong and around the region arrived to witness some of the world’s best fighters in the ring. The Muay Thai action was unrelenting with back-to-back bouts, leaving audience with no time to breathe. The rousing atmosphere soon reached its peak as competitors put up stunning performances one after the other.

YOKKAO fighter, Manachai was up for bout number 5 on the main card. After a stellar performance at YOKKAO 26 in Hong Kong last September, Manachai has gained a solid reputation among the local fight fans. The young fight star was beaming with confidence as he looked to spark off another winning streak. Canadian fighter, Abdou Haddad was no pushover and it was clear from the start. Both fighters looked for the finish from the get go, throwing vicious elbows and aggressive punches with bad intentions but it was apparent that Manachai had the upper hand for all 3 rounds.

The YOKKAO Thai phenom left nothing on the table as he went into round three, raining thunder and pain on his opponent. Abdou was caught with a series of ferocious kicks and strong knees. Manachai also dominated in the clinch, throwing his opponent to the canvas on several occasions. The audience roared in approval as he dropped Abdou in round three by way of elbows. The resilient Canadian was up on his feet and lasted the fight until the bell but it was a clear decision win for Manachai. All Star Fight 4 main event, starring Buakaw Banchamek vs Victor Ngabe was every bit as exciting as expected. The Muay Thai icon showed why he is one of the best fighters of the era with a dominating victory.

Victor Ngabe put in a commendable effort and was hoping to avenge the loss from 2014 but history repeated itself as Buakaw went away with the win via decision once again. The All Star Fight team will be heading to Prague next in July. Stay tuned for updates on the event as well as Manachai’s next fight.

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