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Article: Manachai: Path to Clinching WBC Championship Title

Manachai: Path to Clinching WBC Championship Title

Path to Clinching WBC Championship Title
After an incredible 10-fight undefeated run, Manachai finally met his maker on Sunday at YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton. The young fight star’s streak began last year at YOKKAO Next Generation Suraburi (Thailand) and came to an eventual end in a loss to another rising star, Mo Abdurahman. Mo Abdurahman has been one of the most promising fighters in the region over the past year. As promised, the main event materialize into the explosive matchup between the 2 phenoms. The battle ensued right from the bell as both fighters traded blow after blow. To everyone’s surprise, the loss was delivered to Manachai in dramatic fashion with a right hook TKO in round 3. Just before the KO, a kick from Manachai connected his right leg straight with Abdurahman’s left elbow. The impact aggravated an injury sustained during the fight in Italy against Christian Zahe just 3 weeks back. The determined fighter, who is known to never back down from fights, will take time off training for recuperation. A rematch between Mo Abdurahman and Manachai back at a 100% is guaranteed to an eruption off the charts. In the world of combat sports, one adage is especially true: there is no shame in defeat as long as the spirit is unconquered. Even the very best like Muhammad Ali and Saenchai have suffered losses in their illustrious careers. There is no doubt that Manachai will return to the ring stronger, and set out to achieve greater heights in the world of Muay Thai.

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