YOKKAO CarbonFit Sick Shorts - People say: "These Shorts are SICK"

YOKKAO CarbonFit Sick Shorts

Known for always being on the forefront of business, YOKKAO have yet again delivered with a fantastic new range of shorts and gloves. The new YOKKAO CarbonFit shorts collection is SICK! Especially with the addition of the new shorts and gloves that have just hit the online store. The CarbonFit Sick shorts and boxing gloves come in a variety of different colours to suit every palette, Blue/Green, Violet/Yellow and Orange/Pink.

The 2017 range comprises of an exciting collection of new designs made with the highest quality materials which are handcrafted in Thailand. The ever-growing catalogue of equipment in the YOKKAO Shop is displaying just what can be achieved when there is a great team working together to give the Muay Thai community not only high quality training gear and apparel to take advantage of, but aesthetically pleasing with cutting-edge design work. The YOKKAO sponsored fighters at the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok have been trying out the new equipment, showcasing what it is like to not only train at one of the most well equipped training facilities, but to look cool while doing so. All of the YOKKAO shorts and gloves are customisable.

You can have your name or gym name to make them personal to you. Keep your eyes peeled for more developments throughout 2017 in the YOKKAO News section. With more lines being released in the store, YOKKAO are providing Muay Thai fans all over the world with the equipment and training gear they need to become the best version of themselves. As the title says, people have been calling these shorts sick for a reason. They are. The best Muay Thai practitioners and coaches wouldn't use it and speak so highly of it, if it wasn't. Simple. Be the best version of yourself. Head to the YOKKAO Shop and kit yourself out with the best training equipment you will need.

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