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Article: YOKKAO Dream Team Captures 3 Wins On One Night!

YOKKAO Dream Team Captures 3 Wins On One Night!

YOKKAO Dream Team Captures 3 Wins On One Night!

Muay Thai fans around the world were spoilt for choices this past Saturday 30th September with a series of top-notch events taking place on the same night. One event lined up after the other featuring many of the sport’s biggest names including YOKKAO Fight Team’s very own Pakorn, Manachai and top Muay Thai legend, Saenchai.

Muay Thai Bangkok: Manachai in action at All Star Fight 2 The action-packed evening kicked off with All-Star Fight 2 as Buakaw and gang returned to entertain the crowds once again in the Thai and Muay Thai capital of Bangkok. After an explosive inaugural event that set the bar high for the promotion, All-Star Fight 2 once again captivated the spectators with high-octane action.

The event’s leading key figure Buakaw headlined the show with a fight against Sergei Kuliaba. Both fighters delivered first-class performance but Sergei’s heart proved unmatched for Buakaw’s might with Buakaw adding one more win -this time via decision- to his current streak of victories. YOKKAO’s very own Muay Thai star, Pakorn took on a significantly taller Ukranian opponent, Igor Liubchenko. Despite this disadvantage, the more experienced and skilful Pakorn proved he is still a force to be reckoned with in Muay Thai by a win over decision.

Saenchai winner at Thai Fight Barcelona Manachai turned in a performance that is arguably the most intense fight of the night. The young YOKKAO star left no time to waste and brought on a war to Laotian opponent, Noukhith Latsaphao right from the start and dominating the first 2 rounds. Just a minute into the third, Manachai finished the game with a storm of right elbows that left Noukhith stumbling to the floor, ending the fight with the KO strikes.

Following the success of the 2 All-Star Fight events in Bangkok, it was announced that the next event will be held in Paris, France. Buakaw is certain to headline the show once more with both YOKKAO stars Pakorn and Manachai returning for a third. The event is scheduled for 10th December. Later that same evening, Saenchai rounded up the triple-win for YOKKAO at Thai Fight over in Barcelona, Spain. The living legend was matched up against local fighter Juan Salmeron who adopted a forward-moving strategy.

Juan kept pushing forward and pressuring the legend who remained unfazed. Saenchai countered and out-maneuvered the Spanish in all 3 rounds with a brilliant display of his light-hearted but effective fighting style that delighted the audience. It was no surprise when he was declared the winner by decision at the end of the match. Muay Thai fans from all around the world, are welcome to train with the YOKKAO Team at the new YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok www.asia.yokkao.com/bangkok

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