YOKKAO Fight Team: Training Together & Training Hard!

YOKKAO Fight Team: Training Together & Training Hard!

The entire month of June has seen the atmosphere in the new YOKKAO Muay Thai Training Center becoming electrically charged as the entire Fight Team each have their own personal missions. With 4 exciting fight events coming up, there is not a moment to rest and no time for slacking off.

Everyday the YOKKAO Bangkok fight team: Saenchai, Singdam, Petpahiatoon, and young new warrior Manachai, have been hitting the weights hard, the cardio harder, and pounding away on the pads and sparring.

• June 18th, Manachai fights at Omnoi Staduim LIVE on YOKKAO Facebook page

• June 25th, the Living Legend Saenchai competes in Amsterdam, Holland (live on UFC fight pass)

• June 26th, Petphaitoon competes as the only Thai in a four man tournament (live on Workpoint).

• July 2nd, Singdam represent YOKKAO and Thailand in China (broadcasted LIVE in China to 1,000,000 people) The YOKKAO fight team doesn’t train like your typical Thai fighters.

Armed with barbells, kettlebells, battleropes, hammers and tires, the entire team has kicked into overdrive, and using the most modern conditioning and active recovery techniques along with their high level Muay Thai training. Make sure to click into any of the YOKKAO social media outlets to watch their progress and intense training regimens, and if you haven’t done it already, add YOKKAO on your Snapchat, and Periscope by Twitter.

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