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Article: Why Muay Thai is Practical for Self-Defense

Why Muay Thai is Practical for Self-Defense

People are learning more about the value of self-defense every day. The world is evolving and not all of it is for the good. There are plenty of cases of bullying, whether in or out of schools, domestic violence, and similar abuses. The worst part of that is that women and children are the ones that are mostly at the receiving end of those attacks.

The abuses could come in verbal and physical forms, but there’s absolutely no excuse for it. Whatever the situation, it should never ever get to the point where one party is abused, bullied, or attacked. And if all of that proves anything, it’s that there has never been a greater need for people to learn about self-defense.

One solution that people could turn to is to learn how to defend themselves. To do that, they can get into martial arts as a way to arm themselves with proper self-defense. Martial arts teach people to react to aggression and deal with it using proven concepts and techniques. At the very least, they’d know how to fight for their lives and safety. But if you’re going to get into a martial art for self-defense, which one would be your best choice?

Muay Thai for Self-Defense

Many consider Muay Thai to be the ideal martial art to know for self-defense. They believe that its straightforward techniques can be applied to real-life situations better than other martial arts.

Also known as the art of eight limbs because its practitioners utilize their two fists, elbows, knees, and legs for striking, Muay Thai was born hundreds of years ago on the battlefields of Siam (the ancient name of Thailand). Its practicality was rooted in the fact that it was used for actual combat so that soldiers can continue fighting even after they were disarmed during battle.

Muay Thai evolved over the centuries and is today considered both a martial art and a combat sport. But as a practical way of defending one’s self? The following are some of the best reasons why Muay Thai is practical for self-defense:

Muay Thai is Accessible

One of the foremost reasons why Muay Thai is indeed practical for self-defense is that it’s accessible. What we mean by that is that it’s now more accessible and available than ever before, with the presence of various gyms offering instruction and training in Muay Thai. This wasn’t the case even a few years back, but now there are plenty of gyms that you can go to. So it’s easier for anyone who is interested to learn the basics and make progress with the art.

The Art Gives You Multiple Weapons

Muay Thai allows you to use multiple weapons. It’s not known as the art of eight limbs for nothing, teaching you how to use your fists, elbows, knees, and shins for striking. The art basically turns your body into a living weapon that’s capable of both offense and defense. You’ll be equipped with a number of skills that will allow you to deal with any aggressive attacker. By having the knowledge to execute different strikes and combinations, you can defend yourself and others if the situation calls for it.

Your Body Will be Well Conditioned to Deal With Aggression

The physical conditioning of Muay Thai fighters is second to none. That’s pretty much common knowledge in the martial arts world. Of course, that’s not to say that if you train in Muay Thai, you’ll be in the same condition as fighters. No, that’s not a guarantee and it will depend on a lot of factors - how hard you train, how often you train, etc. But what’s guaranteed is that you’re going to be in the best shape of your life or very near it. And if you’re in peak physical condition, you’ll have a much better chance at dealing with aggression that’s directed towards you than if you’re in poor shape.

Your Self-Confidence Will Increase

Knowing even the basic techniques of Muay Thai will raise your confidence. And you don’t even need to use the actual fighting techniques in a lot of instances. The simple fact that you exude quiet and calm confidence because of your training is often enough to deter a lot of potential attackers and aggressors. They’d get the sense that you’re someone who will not just accept being pushed around and that you’d push back somehow. In those cases, even though you didn’t use a single technique, Muay Thai still served as a practical and effective mode of self-defense.

You Get the Ability to End the Conflict Quickly and Definitively

One of your goals in dealing with aggression is to end the conflict as quickly as you can. Your priority should always be to run away or at least end the fight quickly before it escalates any further or involves other people. Muay Thai is also viewed by many to be a brutal martial art. That view is probably based on the art’s straightforward and simple yet effective striking techniques. If you connect solidly with an elbow or knee strike, for example, then that could signal the end of the conflict right there and then, especially if you’re dealing with an unskilled attacker.


Muay Thai can definitely help prepare anyone to defend themselves from being attacked or physically bullied. It’s a proven and time-tested fighting art that’s both a martial art and a combat sport.

However, it must be noted that while it teaches you how to fight and engage attackers, it’s not really designed specifically for self-defense. Realistically speaking, your first impulse when you’re attacked should be to escape and preserve your life and your health. Running away from conflict should still be your preferred way of dealing with it.

But if you’re somehow left with no other choice but to stand your ground and face your aggressors, then Muay Thai will provide you with the tools to fight back. In a sense, it encapsulates that saying that the best defense is a great offense and that’s exactly why Muay Thai is practical for self-defense. Practical and yet brutal - all for your protection.

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