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Article: Muay Thai Revolution: Yokkao UK Fight Team coming soon!

Muay Thai Revolution: Yokkao UK Fight Team coming soon!

Muay Thai Revolution: Yokkao UK Fight Team coming soon!

A real revolution has begun to take place in the UK: promoters of YOKKAO events in the UK are working on a project that will revolutionize UK Muay Thai bringing it to the next level. A project that will give select athletes access and exposure on a level that no one has ever offered them before. Yokkao Boxing's Youtube channel with over 9,000,000 views, has been the gauge indicating how the fighters from the UK has been wholly admired and watched by the fellow fight community worldwide.

The data is clear: YOKKAO 8, 10, and 11 totalled more than 500,000 views and after months online, YOKKAO 8 videos are still ruling the web, with yesterday, the latest of the YOKKAO 11 video's only just released. RocketMedia BKK projects that in total the three events view count will total more than 800,000 views before year's end. If YOKKAO 8 showed the direct potential of the UK fighters to Yokkao, YOKKAO 10 and 11 proved it following with the confirmation of forming the "Yokkao UK Fight Team" project: a Team made up of UK fighters that will compete with each other for first place in the Yokkao UK Ranking.

The promoters are finalizing the last few names of fighters to join the ranks of the YOKKAO UK Fight Team before announcing the league's regulations along with more exciting news. For now, what has been confirmed is that the Fight Team UK will stand out from the Yokkao Official Fight Team which includes elite fighters from around the world like the UK fight representatives Jordan Watson (Yokkao World Champion -70kg) and Liam Harrison. Those fighters who reach the top spot in the rankings of YOKKAO UK Fight Team will have the opportunity to challenge the fighters from the Yokkao Official Fight Team.

More news coming soon .. stay tuned! Watch all YOKKAO 10 videos in FULL-HD at Watch all YOKKAO 11 videos in FULL-HD

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