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Article: Muay Thai Styles Explained: Muay Bouk

Muay Thai Styles Explained: Muay Bouk

In the second of our “Muay Thai Styles Explained” series, we take a look at the most exciting and entertaining fighting style: Muay Bouk.

A Muay Bouk is an aggressive fighter who moves forward constantly, putting pressure on his opponent and rarely backs away. Fights involving a Muay Bouk are explosive, often brutal and always entertaining. Muay Bouks enjoy using all weapons, especially punches, elbows and low kicks to grind down on their opponents, while putting themselves under direct fire taking hits.

Muay Bouks are durable fighters with a ton of stamina and heart. They will hit and get hit and still keep moving forward. They will trade blow for blow until someone hits the canvas. It is always a war with Muay Bouks and that is what makes them fan-favorites with fight fans.

Here are some of the notable Muay Bouks who have fought on our events:

Liam Harrison

This UK legend needs no introduction for our fans. Liam Harrison is a high-pressure fighter, known for his hard-hitting hooks and notorious leg kicks. He brings a ferocious hard-hitting style to the ring and always entertains the fans with all-out wars in all his fights. Harrison is a classic Muay Bouk but just as technical with his sweeps and throws.

Buakaw Banchamek

Buakaw Banchamek is a Thai legend and one of the most well-known global fighting icons today. He dominated the international kickboxing scene with his ring aggression that remains unmatched even today. Buakaw is multi-time Muay Thai and kickboxing world champion with over 200 wins on his fight record. He is an adept with all weapons of Muay Thai and will use them all to his advantage.

Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith is the UK number one featherweight fighter who has built a reputation as an unstoppable tank in the ring. He is an ultra-aggressive fighter who will trade blows and keep moving forward throwing body shots and elbows until he gets the job done. Smith is a UK fan-favorite and one to watch for.

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