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Article: Muay Thai Styles Explained: Muay Femur

Muay Thai Styles Explained: Muay Femur

Muay Thai is an exciting combat sport that can be brutal and yet beautiful at the same time. To the untrained eyes, Muay Thai can be just a vicious fight sport that relies purely on brute and aggression. In actual fact, it is a highly technical sport that can be aptly described as “beautiful violence”. In this series, we look at some of the most commonly seen Muay Thai styles and some fighters of the respective styles.

We start off the series with arguably the most beloved style known as the Muay Femur. A Muay Femur can be briefly described as an “artful” fighter with a high fight IQ. They are known to possess a masterful knowledge and command of all the techniques and weapons of Muay Thai. Muay Femurs do not fight with one style but shifts between different styles depending on the opponent. They can fight on their back foot, throwing counters but can be aggressive when the situation calls for it.

Muay Femurs can be stylistic, aggressive, evasive and always skillful. They can fight intelligently, winning the fight on points but can just as effectively end a fight with a knockout. This is a pure Muay Thai style that many emulate but few truly master.

Here are some well-known Muay Femurs still fighting today:


Saenchai is a Muay Thai living legend and considered by many to be the greatest fighter of modern Muay Thai. He is known to entertain fans with a flamboyant yet effective fighting style that has helped clinch nearly 300 wins in his career. Saenchai is a five-time Lumpinee champion and also the inaugural YOKKAO Diamond champion.

Superlek Kiatmoo9

Superlek Kiatmoo9 is one of the best fighters of his generation and a highly-acclaimed Muay Femur. The nephew of Muay Thai legend, Singdam, Superlek possesses a technical fighting style with one of the hardest right kicks today. He’s also finished a number of fights with his right elbows.

Stuart Stabler

YOKKAO Agency fighter, Stuart Stabler is an up-and-coming star to look out for. The young UK Muay Femur has raked in an unbeatable record with a 10-fight winning streak since turning professional. His textbook-perfect techniques and lethal power make him an exciting fighter to watch in the ring.

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