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Article: Muay Thai Styles Explained: Muay Mat

Muay Thai Styles Explained: Muay Mat

Our series on Muay Thai fighting styles continue with the aggressive and explosive style: Muay Mat. This is a fighting style known to finish fights with devastating results.

The Muay Mat is a heavy puncher, often with powerful low kicks to match. They prefer to forgo their defense, choosing instead to apply pressure pushing forward aggressively like the Muay Bouk with which they are very similar. Their strategy is always to try to win by knockout even at the expense of losing points in scoring. Many Muay Mats transition well to kickboxing and classic boxing due to their aggressive style and strong punches.

The European kickboxing legend, Ramon Dekkers was one of the best Muay Mats of his time. Another Thai fighter known for his punching power is Anuwat Kaewsamrit. Nicknamed the “Iron Hands of Siam”, Anuwat has famously knocked out fellow legends like Lerdsila, Liam Harrison and even Singdam.

Here’s a look back at some of the Muay Mats who have fought on our past events:

Spencer YOKKAOSaenchaiGym

Spencer from the YOKKAO Fight Team is a classic Muay Mat with his heavy punches. The Scottish fighter is known for his text book punches, especially his body shots which he has used to shut down a number of his opponents. Possessing a strong chin, the two-time European champion never backs off from any tough confrontation.

Liam Harrison

A multi-time world champion and modern legend, Liam Harrison has finished many of his fights with a crippling left hook. Harrison is one of the most technical fighters but is a fan-favorite because of his hard-hitting Muay Mat style which he has used to great effect.

Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat

Another YOKKAO Fight Team member, Iquezang is a seasoned Thai fighter who has frequently competed in Kard Chuek matches which are notoriously brutal bouts with ropes instead of padded gloves. Iquezang is not one to shy away from a scrap and always entertains with explosive bouts when he gets in the ring.

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