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Article: Muay Thai Styles Explained: YOKKAO Fight Team

Muay Thai Styles Explained: YOKKAO Fight Team

Since 2011, a year after launching our brand, we have been sponsoring Muay Thai fighters around the world. Our list of sponsored athletes includes many of the biggest names and multi-time world champions of the sport.

We opened the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok in 2016, the first official training camp for the YOKKAO Fight Team. Some of the fighters who have made the YOKKAO Training Center their permanent training home are Saenchai, Singdam, Manachai, Yodchai, Spencer and our latest member, Chalawan. These athletes make up the core YOKKAO Fight Team.

Besides the core team members, the YOKKAO Fight Team also includes several prominent world champions like Liam Harrison, Superlek Kiatmoo9, as well as our agency fighters, Stuart Stabler and Cristian Faustino.

In the concluding piece of our showcase on Muay Thai Styles, we look at the members of the YOKKAO Fight Team and dissect their respective fighting styles.


Over three decades of fighting, Saenchai has developed arguably the most unique fighting style in the history of Muay Thai. The ring wizard has captured multiple accolades through his career with superior footwork, unmatched fight IQ, and an arsenal of signature techniques. Few come close to Saenchai’s ability in reading his opponents’ moves and mastery of Muay Thai’s complete weaponry, making him a Muay Femur (all-rounded technician) of the highest order.


Singdam is a self-proclaimed knee-fighting Muay Khao who also excels in the ring as a Muay Tae (kicker). The Buriram fighter possesses what many consider to be the hardest right kick in Muay Thai that he uses with great results. Through relentless hard training, focusing on the basics, Singdam has won many belts over his extensive fighting career, proving that you don’t always need fancy moves to win championship titles.

Liam Harrison

Famed for his exciting hard-hitting style, Liam Harrison is a high-pressure fighter of the classic Muay Bouk (aggressive) and Muay Mat (heavy puncher) styles. Fans love his heavy left hooks and notorious leg kicks but Harrison can be just as technical with his wild sweeps and throws. Win or lose, the UK legend goes all out to make a statement with each fight appearance, serving up war and destruction in the ring Muay Bouk-style.

Superlek Kiatmoo9

Superlek is one of the best fighters in the elite fight scene today. He is a highly-acclaimed Muay Femur specializing in all weapons of Muay Thai with one of the hardest right kicks in the game. The Kiatmoo9 fighter switches with ease between a counter fighter and an aggressive Femur knocking out his opponents with high kicks and elbows. Superlek’s highly technical style has made him a 3-time Lumpinee champion, 3-time Thailand champion and recipient of 2012’s Fighter of the Year award.


Training under the guidance of his mentors, Saenchai and Singdam, Manachai is an all-rounded fighter who is known for his devastating low kicks and sweeping skills. The welterweight world champion is comfortable fighting in Muay Femur, taking the win by points but he’s at his best when he goes full Muay Bouk mode. On his best days, Manachai’s assault is unstoppable in the ring.


Yodchai is a technician with a penchant for finishing fights via his hardened elbows. With a mild-mannered demeanour, he turns into a dangerous man when he gets into the squared circle. A Muay Femur and Muay Sok (elbows), Yodchai has shown that he can outscore his opponents with his technical precision while just as easily turning up the heat and knocking them out when the occasion arises.


Spencer from the YOKKAO Fight Team is a classic Muay Mat. A forward-moving aggressor in the ring, Spencer is known for dropping bombs with his punches. His favorite finisher is the liver shot which he has used to shut down a number of his opponents. Spencer possesses a strong jaw that can take punishments from his opponent but he never shies away from even the toughest confrontations.


The new and youngest prospect at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, Chalawan is an exciting fighter to watch for. The 19-year-old is an all-rounded technical fighter (Muay Femur) and has been known to finish his fights with sharp precision and power. Chalawan is a regular on the elite stadium scene in Thailand and we expect to see more of him on our international promotions.

Stuart Stabler

YOKKAO Agency fighter, Stuart Stabler is an up-and-coming Muay Femur to look out for. Stabler combines textbook-perfect techniques with lethal striking power to make him one of the most-promising young fighters today. Since turning pro, Stabler has achieved a pristine record with a 10-fight winning streak, journeying his way to the top of the game.

Cristian Faustino

Another fighter from the YOKKAO Agency, Faustino has fought against 3 of the biggest names from the YOKKAO team namely, Saenchai, Singdam and Liam Harrison. While he picked up losses from all three bouts, Faustino’s all-out Muay Bouk style left a deep impression on his opponents and the fans. A tough fighter who never backs away, he is a fan-favorite and always a great spectacle to watch in the ring.

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