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Article: Muay Thai Training Tips for Females

Muay Thai Training Tips for Females

Muay Thai is a practical and effective martial art that utilizes the fists, elbows, knees, and legs of its practitioners. That’s why it’s also known as the art of 8 limbs. But Muay Thai is not only known for its straightforward nature and brutal power, it’s also admired for its beauty, fluidity, and grace in its movements. In that regard, Muay Thai is truly an art form as well.

These days, more and more women are getting into martial arts. Their reasons are varied and yet also quite familiar. Some go into it to learn basic self-defense, others want a bad-ass way of improving their fitness and health, while some go into it because they actually want to become fighters, whether in Muay Thai or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

Females in Muay Thai

However, there are still some women who might feel a little apprehensive about getting into martial arts and Muay Thai in particular. Some might be intimidated by the seemingly brutal and hardcore nature of the art. Still, others might be hesitant or even intimidated because the gym they’re planning to attend is predominantly attended by males.

Thankfully, a lot of women are getting into Muay Thai and are learning that there’s nothing to think twice about. And the great thing about it is that the women who do get into it are finding out that they have the potential to be just as great at Muay Thai as their male counterparts.

Opportunities & Training

The opportunities are now there and it’s better than it’s ever been. It’s more accepted now and the number of events that feature female Muay Thai fighters is on the rise - not just in Thailand but in other countries across the globe as well.

And it all comes down to training. Beginners, martial arts enthusiasts, fitness buffs, wannabe fighters, and those looking to learn self-defense all need to go through proper training. The following are some Muay Thai training tips for females that want to take the art seriously.

Muay Thai Training Tips for Females

Females who are about to start training in Muay Thai or even those who are already in the thick of it could use the following tips for guidance:

Anyone & Everyone Can Train in Muay Thai

Start with the idea that anyone and everyone can train in Muay Thai. This takes us back to what was discussed above and that’s the fact that more and more women are ow training in this martial art.

The old ideas and notions that Muay Thai is only meant to be trained by rough and super tough guys are no longer true. They’ve never been true in the first place. It’s just that there were long-standing beliefs that prevented everyone, particularly women, from participating in the sport.

Today, everyone is welcome to train in every gym that offers Muay Thai. That is certainly empowering to female practitioners of the art of 8 limbs as they know full well that they can develop and get better without any limitations.

Be Ready for the Intensity of Training

Be ready for the intensity of each training session. Muay Thai was originally designed for use on the battlefield, after all. For that reason, anyone who plans on training in the art should be prepared for just how grueling the sessions can be. It can be particularly tough for beginners.

Embrace the intensity and be ready to be rewarded for it later on. The more you take on the grind, the better you'll be at the various techniques that are needed to achieve a certain level of proficiency. You don’t even need to aspire to be an actual fighter, it’s much better to aspire to get every form and technique right. Combine that with the intense sessions and you’re on your way to being a competent Nak Muay.

Go Beyond Your Limits

One training tip for females who are into Muay Thai might seem tough at first as it says to go beyond your limits. What does this mean, exactly? It means that if you’re going to train, then you need to get yourself ready - not just physically, but also mentally.

You’ll need to have the mental toughness required to go beyond what your usual limits are. If you feel like you’re already at the breaking point and you’re body can no longer go on, then you need to go and dig deeper. Pushing forward to go beyond and set new limits is something to aspire for, especially for those training in Muay Thai.

Have Fun

One of the most important, but sometimes underrated, aspects of training in any martial art is to simply have fun. Everything becomes so much easier when you’re having fun with what you do, even if ‘what you’re doing is hardcore Muay Thai training.

When you’re having fun, you don’t even notice the difficulty or the toughness of the training. And you look forward with so much anticipation to each training session because it’s fun and brings you a lot of joy.

It seems as though your body is given an extra shot of adrenaline because you’re enjoying everything about the training. From the warm-ups, shadowboxing, drills, pad and bag work, sparring, and more are all things that you look forward to.

Rise of Female Muay Thai Fighters

Indeed, there’s never been a better time to be a female in Muay Thai than today. The old barriers that used to prevent females from becoming prominent in the art are slowly breaking down, so to speak. A new norm is emerging, where everyone is welcome and that’s the best situation for everyone and everywhere, in Thailand and beyond. Everyone can look forward to even more progress for females in what is perhaps the premier striking art in the world of martial arts.

With the rise in acceptance of females in Muay Thai comes the corresponding rise in opportunities. Prominent promoters such as ONE Championship, which has a global audience, are helping spearhead the advancement of women’s Muay Thai.

Then there’s the continuing prominence of MMA, where Muay Thai is considered and used by many as their primary striking base. It’s an indispensable part of being a complete martial artist, both for male and female fighters.

One thing’s clear though, Muay Thai for females is here to stay and it’s getting stronger than ever. The insights and tips given above should be considered and followed by every female that gets into the art as it can guarantee their enjoyment, fulfillment, and eventual success in the art. So to all the female Nak Muays out there - just strike away!

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