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Article: YOKKAO Next Generation takes on Sydney!

YOKKAO Next Generation takes on Sydney!

YOKKAO Next Generation takes on Sydney!

On Saturday, May 21st SRG YOKKAO Training Center hosted the first in a series of upcoming YOKKAO Next Generation events. Beginning with 8 amateur bouts and finishing with two international pro fights, the gym in Sydney saw hundreds of fight fans turn up with thousands more online cheering for the fighters.

First fight came on strong with Konstanine Pokalioukhine from Phoenix Gym Canberra pitted against Anton Machart of Taipan Gym, Konstanine scored some lethal low kicks racking up enough points for the win. In the second match up, SRG’s own Pamela Ablang fought against Lucia Barber from Double Dragon Gym, with lethal knees from both sides during clinching, the fighters kept up a solid momentum throughout the fight with Pamela winning by points. The next series of fights saw solid rounds, fighters giving all in the 3 rounds by 2 minutes fights, in the third fight Daniel Marshall won by points, Luke Thompson came in with a win scoring points on all fronts, and in the fifth James Hudson fought a strong clinch battle throughout the three rounds scoring points but not enough to defeat the tricks of Andrew Tung who won by points. In fight 6 in what became voted the fight of the night, SRG’s Adam Simpson fought Nakharin Pakudloh from Taipan Gym scoring solid knees in the clinch while landing some vicious right kicks to Nakharin’s side. With Simpson winning by points, not only did this fight get voted the “Fight of the Night”, Adam further got awarded the fighter of the night.

Fight 7 saw Hugh O’Donell’s solid hands take on Alex Hudson with O’Donnell landing in succession countless blows to Hudson earning Hugh a comfortable win by points. In the 8th fight of the evening, Colin McCarthy of SRG Thai Boxing Gym was a close fight against Ryan Johns from Taipan Muay Thai Gym, both scoring lethal points but with Colin coming out the victor scoring some heavy punching blows to the stomach. The 9th fight saw the first of two international pro fights of 5 x 3 minute rounds with two Thai fighters pitted against one another. Rungobon Eminent Air locally from Final Round Gym fought against Jack WMC Samui fighting out of Platinum Fitness in Sydney. Collectively they both have hundreds of fights under their belt with both of them former champions in Thailand.

Jack started strong foregoing the standard Thai weighing out your opponent, but Rungobon turned the fight around in rounds 4 and 5 by utilizing his hands and traditional techniques in their pure power form. Winning by points, the name Rungobon rings on. The last fight of the night saw in the main event a Thai fighter face off against a familiar opponent, the rematch between Phisit Suksawang from SRG Thai Boxing Gym face off against Gary Patterson from Rungchai Muay Thai Gym. The win came down to a split point decision on part of the refs, but what made Phisit come away with the win was when Gary attacked with his punches, Phisit kept him at bay with his left kicks to the body. A hard fight to the end, it was a very similar outcome to the last match these two saw, but Phisit now stands with two wins over Patterson.

Overall the night went really well for SRG YOKKAO Training Center. Hundreds of fans cheering to the fighters they support with a great team hosting the event doing what they could to host yet another successful fight night.

Time will see more events to come from this gym in the heart of Sydney. Results from YOKKAO Next Generation – Sydney

Fight #1 Konstantine Pokalioukhine (Phoenix Gym Canberra) won by points against Anton Machart (Taipan Gym)

Fight #2 Pamela Ablang (SRG YOKKAO Training Center) won by points against Lucia Barber (Double Dragon)

Fight #3 Daniel Marshall (Phoenix Gym Canberra) won by points against Nicholas Bohle (PTJ Muay Thai Gym)

Fight #4 Luke Thompson (Double Dragon) won by points against Chris Mata’afa (SRG YOKKAO Training Center)

Fight #5 Andrew Tung (PTJ Muay Thai Gym) won by points against James Hudson (SAAM Gym) **FIGHT OF THE NIGHT**

Fight #6 Adam Simpson (SRG Thai Boxing) won by points against Nakharin Pakudloh (Taipan Gym)

Fight #7 Hugh O’Donnell (Double Dragon) won by points against Alex Hudson (SAAM Gym)

Fight #8 Colin McCarthy (SRG YOKKAO Training Center) won by points against Ryan Johns (Taipan Gym)

Fight #9 Apichet Saykane (Eminent Air / Final Round Gym) won by points against Jack WMC (WMC Samui / Platinum Fitness)

Fight #10 Phisit Suksawang (SRG YOKKAO Training Center) won by points against Gary Patterson (Rungchai M-60)

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