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Article: Muay Thai YOKKAO UK Rankings Explained

Muay Thai YOKKAO UK Rankings Explained

YOKKAO Muay Thai UK Ranking

A lot of people ask about the Muay Thai UK Ranking system for YOKKAO and how it works. So I thought I would take this opportunity to explain what it is and what rules there are around it. This will not only help to prevent confusion, as to what it takes to climb the rankings it will also help you to identify why a person has moved up or down.

Up to now there are four weight categories for Muay Thai: 61.5kg, 65kg, 70kg and 72.5kg. Fighters are ranked on their points, the more they have the higher they are ranked. After each Muay Thai YOKKAO ranking fight, the winner acquires a percentage of their opponents ranking points, 25% of their points for a decision or 35% for a Knockout or TKO.

If the fighter loses to a lower-ranked fighter in a regular bout, he loses 25% of the difference between him and his opponent. If he loses too a higher-ranked fighter, he does not lose or gain any points. If the bout ended with a draw, then 25% of the lower-ranked fighters’ points would be split and shared between the two fighters.

Here are some examples to give you an impression as to what it would realistically look like in terms of points lost and won: So we have fighter 1 and fighter 2. Fighter 1 has 100 points and fighter 2 has 1000 points. Fighter 1 wins by decision, which means he would take 25% of fighter 2’s points. So fighter 1 would have 100 + 250 points for winning. If, however, fighter 1 took the win by knockout or TKO then he would take 35% of fighter 2’s ranking points. So he would end up with 100 + 350 points. Fighter 2 would lose 25% of the difference between him and fighter 1. 25% of 900 (the difference between the two fighters’ points) is 225. So fighter 1 would be left with 1000 – 225. If it was the other way round and fighter 2 took the win, then he would take either 25% or 35% depending on the type of win and fighter 1 would not lose any of his points because fighter 2 was a higher ranked fighter. Say it was a draw that would mean 25 points (25% of 100) would be split between the two fighters. Which means that each fighter would get 12.5 points.

The Muay Thai YOKKAO ranking system only works in full points, so in the event of points being allocated in decimals then they would usually be rounded up to the nearest whole number. That’s it in a nutshell without going too far into it about the nitty gritty little bits.

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