Pakorn to defend the YOKKAO World Title in Argentina!


Released on Instagram, Pakorn is headed to South America to defend the YOKKAO World Title at YOKKAO 16 in Argentina on Friday November 13th vs Nicolas Vega, the best Muay Thai fighter in Argentina.


After winning the YOKKAO World Title vs Greg Wootton at YOKKAO 11 and defending it against YOKKAO Fight Team's Liam Harrison, Pakorn will be in action in South America to defend the YOKKAO World Title 65kg against South American IFMA Champion, Nicolas Vega.


YOKKAO key person Stefania Picelli states:

"Since we started the YOKKAO World Title in the UK with our partner Brian Calder, we all firmly believe that the YOKKAO Belt is the belt that every top fighter from each country should deserve to win, the belt that cannot be bought at all. Our World Champions are ready to challenge every fighter in every country of the world and we are ready too."


YOKKAO 16 will take place at Metropolitano venue in Rosario. Tickets are on sale at

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