Pakorn wins vs Saketdao at Lumpinee Stadium!

Pakorn wins vs Saketdao at Lumpinee Stadium!

Another win for Pakorn, the most valued fighter of the moment and newest entry of the Yokkao Fight Team.

With a decisive victory of 50-47 by all three judges this win adds stock to Pakorn’s portfolio, confirming him as the Lumpinee Stadium champion.

Considering that Saenchai probably will not fight anymore at Lumpinee, Pakorn is now the strongest fighter in the -65kg weigh division. He holds a gold contract with Yokkao Boxing and Stefania Picelli, allowing him to fight and conduct seminars abroad as well as in Thailand.

Pakorn's Yokkao debut is scheduled for YOKKAO 10 on October 11, 2014 in Bolton, England and will feature him facing one of United Kingdom’s best at 63.5kg, Greg Wootton.

For this reason, during her recent stay in Thailand, Stefania Picelli, together with the direction of Yokkao Boxing, designed a special training schedule for Pakorn that is sure to up his ring aggression.

While you are waiting for the video of Pakorn we wish you a good workout and maximum results. Chok Dee Krap!

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