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Article: Panicos Yusuf retires from fighting!

Panicos Yusuf retires from fighting!

Panicos Yusuf retires from fighting

Breaking News: Panicos Yusuf has declared his retirement from fighting. Panicos manager Jamie Alaise made contact with the YOKKAO Team explaining that Panicos is retiring from Muay Thai competition due to the fact that he doesn't have enough time to train in Thailand, run the gym and most importantly spend quality time with his family.

"In order to compete against the best he would need to train in Thailand, and if he was to continue Thai Boxing that is what he would want to do."

says Jamie Alaise. Panicos Yusuf fought two times in YOKKAO events scoring a win against Rittuak Kaewsamrit at YOKKAO 8 and a loss against the youngest new entry of the YOKKAO Fight Team, Manachai YOKKAOSAENCHAIGYM at YOKKAO 20.

Panicos Yusuf was scheluded to fight against the Muay Thai superstar Superlek Kiatmoo9 Saturday,March 25th at YOKKAO 23 at the weight of 63kg, but in lieu of his retirement the fight has been cancelled. At the moment, no replacement have been found to fight Superlek, a Thai Champion in 5 different weight divisions. The YOKKAO Team would like to wish Panicos Yusuf all the best in his future endeavors and travels.

The Next YOKKAO event in UK will take place Saturday, March 25th once again at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. The night of YOKKAO 23 and YOKKAO 24 will host two events in one night at the price of only one ticket with some of the greatest superstars Muay Thai has to offer. Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson, Amy Pirnie, Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym have already been confirmed.

Tickets for YOKKAO 23 – YOKKAO 24 are on sale at:

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