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Article: Reece McAllister Set to Fight Josh Turbill at YOKKAO 14!

Reece McAllister Set to Fight Josh Turbill at YOKKAO 14!

Reece McAllister Set to Fight Josh Turbill at YOKKAO 14!

Official: Reece McAllister enters the YOKKAO UK Ranking System and is confirmed to fight vs Josh Turbill at YOKKAO 14, becoming the most anticipated Muay Thai Event of the Year with 2 events in one night to take place on Saturday, October 10th at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. Reece McAllister, already known for his fight at YOKKAO 8 vs Tim Thomas in March of 2014, continued escalating his career collecting wins against some of best fighters from all around the world. Ready to prove himself as one of the premier Fighters in the World, McAllister will join the YOKKAO UK Ranking in third with 800 points, following Josh Turbill Ranked #2 at 867 points and Jordan Watson in #1 with 1300 points. McAllister will face off against Josh Turbill as the co-main event of YOKKAO 14, headlined by Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym vs Greg Wootton.

As per YOKKAO UK Ranking Regulations:

In regular YOKKAO Fights, fighters will win points as a percentage of their opponents current points ranking: 25% for a decision or 35% for a knockout or TKO. If a fighter loses to a lower-ranked fighter in a regular bout, he will lose 25% of the point difference between him and his opponent. Holding the prestigious position right after the leading YOKKAO UK Fighter -70kg Jordan Watson, Josh Turbill grew up in the Muay Thai Camp Por Promin (Hua Hin -Thailand), carrying a background of 33 matches (all in Thailand) with 28 wins and 5 losses. Since the first YOKKAO event took place in the UK, Josh Turbill collected 3 wins in a row, a record for the YOKKAO UK Ranking -70kg Division.

A win by McAllister or Turbill will have the potential to change the YOKKAO UK Ranking System, giving them the possibility to face off with the leader of the YOKKAO Official UK Fight Team -70kg fighter, Jordan Watson. It is not a surprise if YOKKAO 14 and YOKKAO 15 is already considered by bloggers, fans and fighters the world round as the biggest Muay Thai Event of the Year 2015. Saenchai, Liam Harrison, Singdam Kiatmoo9, Jordan Watson, Crice Boussoukou and now Reece McAllister along with Josh Turbill and the best YOKKAO UK Ranked Fighters coming soon to the fight card are all ready to be part of Muay Thai history. Are you ready?

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