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Article: Saenchai & Manachai Team up for YOKKAO Seminar US-Canada

Saenchai & Manachai Team up for YOKKAO Seminar US-Canada

The YOKKAO Seminar was first launched in December 2011 with the events conducted by famous Muay Thai fighters who impart techniques and their signature moves. Some of the stars who have led the seminars in the past include Buakaw Banchamek, Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and Saenchai. Since 2017, YOKKAO Seminar has become synonymous with the living legend, Saenchai who has led every event as the sole celebrity fighter. But things are about to get a shake-up. Come September, YOKKAO young talent, Manachai will join his mentor for a seminar tour in US and Canada. Not only is Saenchai an icon of Muay Thai, the legend has visited the North American continent on numerous occasions since 2015 for the YOKKAO Seminar tours. He is one of the most well-known figures of the sport, entertaining and educating fans, especially over the last decade. It’s no wonder that Saenchai’s seminars have sold-out on every occasion. This will be Manachai’s first official YOKKAO seminar and he brings to the table an exciting, relentless style that contrasts with the technical wizardry of Saenchai. The young fighter racked up an impressive 12 wins out of his last 13 appearances, with half of the victories via knockouts. He is a highly-entertaining fighter to watch in the ring, combining his raw power with great technical finesse inspired by Saenchai. The team-up of Saenchai and Manachai presents an exclusive opportunity to learn from 2 of the most exciting fighters. Gyms that are interested to host the YOKKAO seminars this September are formally invited to write in to apply at

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