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Article: Saenchai announces to fans his next fight at YOKKAO in Bolton, 10th october 2015!

Saenchai announces to fans his next fight at YOKKAO in Bolton, 10th october 2015!


The first 5 days of YOKKAO UK Seminars feat. Saenchai and Pakorn have seen completely sold out sessions at the best Gyms in the UK: Hanuman Thai Boxing Gym on 15th and 16th in Edinburgh, Glasgow at the famous Griphouse on the 16th, Legions Gym in York on Sunday 17th, Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Manchester on 18th and Muay Thai Salford in Greater Manchester. With Muay Thai lovers of every age proudly participating at the Muay Thai Seminar "that you cannot miss", Pakorn and Saenchai delivered the best of themselves not only for teaching the real Muay Thai but also judging the best athletes from each gym on their first YOKKAO Workout valid for the YOKKAO Games.

Athletes who participate at the YOKKAO Games have the possibility to win a cash prize of $2000. More info toghether with names, scores and profile of each competitor will be released soon at THE ANNOUNCEMENT It was in Salford Muay Thai on the 19th of May that Saenchai announced to his fans, his next fight in the UK at YOKKAO on 10th of October, 2015 at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. While people are demanding through all mediums of social media who will fight vs Saenchai, YOKKAO key person, Stefania Picelli states:

"YOKKAO promotions have always and will always be the result of a massive team work. We work with the best in the industry: gym owners, trainers and fighters. YOKKAO walks into countries with structured plans in order to promote Muay Thai at the next level and to delivery unique events. Along with our YOKKAO UK promoter, we decided to bring Saenchai back to the UK in October, in a match that will definitely leave you holding your breath. I want to thank on behalf of all of us, gyms, trainers and fighters of the UK who are hosting me, Pakorn and Saenchai during these days of YOKKAO Seminars. You guys are the best, see you soon in your gyms for the next YOKKAO Seminars and October 10th at the Macron Stadium!"

The next YOKKAO UK Seminars with Saenchai and Pakorn will be held: 20th May Hanuman Thai Boxing - Darlington 21st May Thai Style and Fortitudo Muay Thai - Liverpool 22nd May Black Widow Martial Arts Academy - Birmingham 23rd / 24th May Phoenix MMA - Bournemouth 24th Black Tiger Muay Thai - Essex 24th NFM Windsor - London Info *** YOKKAO US Seminars feat. Saenchai and Manop *** 29th / 30th May 2015 Rami Elite Gym - PHILADELPHIA 31st May 2015 Sitan Gym - NEW YORK Info

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