Saenchai Extends Winning Streak to 61 at Thai Fight Lampang

Image credits: Thai Fight Official

Saenchai proves why he is one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters in history as he extended his winning streak to 61 at Sunday’s Thai Fight Lampang. The 41-year-old Thai boxing legend has been on an undefeated campaign since October of 2014. With the latest victory, Saenchai takes his fight record to 321 wins, 49 losses and 2 draws.

Thai Fight Lampang marks Saenchai’s return to the ring following a 3-month break and also his first bout of this year. He took on Israel’s Max Branis who fights out of Powerhouse Phuket gym. 23-year-old Branis is an active competitor who has been fighting regularly on the Thai Channel 8 live events in the past year.

Both fighters started off slow in the first round with Saenchai coming out on top with a few delightful sweeps. Branis answered with a hard straight left punch that landed but failed to make any meaningful impact for most of the round. The pace picked up in round 2 as Saenchai upped the volume and pressure. The young challenger answered back with long-range kicks to take advantage of his reach but was largely evaded by his experienced opponent.

The fight reached fever pitch in the final round as Branis tried to play catch-up, throwing a barrage of punches and strikes which Saenchai managed in stride. Despite the Israeli’s commendable efforts, Saenchai outscored the 3-round bout to take home the win by decision in the main event fight.

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