Saenchai in USA for YOKKAO Games and Seminars: "I can't wait to see how US Muay Thai lovers will do at the workout!"


What began was enough to start turning the hearts of Muay Thai lovers: after the first test in Thailand at PKSaenchaimuaythagym, the first YOKKAO Workout valid for the YOKKAO Games continued in the UK. Arriving today together with YOKKAO key person Stefania Picelli in the US, Saenchai declares:

"Muay Thai fans in the UK have really proved themselves by being prepared, some have achieved unexpected results, I can't wait to see how US Muay Thai lovers will perform in the first YOKKAO Workout "

YOKKAO Seminars combined with YOKKAO Games attended by Saenchai and Manop will be held Friday, May 29th and Saturday 30th in Philadelphia then on Saturday the 31st in New York City. This time, Muay Thai lovers will not only have the possibility to participate at the best Muay Thai Seminar in USA but to join the World in the YOKKAO Games Competition against top tier fighter from the YOKKAO Fight Team, the YOKKAO UK YOKKAO Ranked Fighters, the World Champion YOKKAO Pakorn PKSaenchaimuaythaigym, Prajanchai, Chanajon and many others soon to be released soon.

All scores will be uploaded on the YOKKAO Games Leaderboard together with each competitor's profile. As per regulation, every gym will have 'the opportunity' to select their three top athletes to represent the “Team Gym” whose accumulative score at the end of the season will win them a bonus of YOKKAO Muay Thai Equipment. The single athlete who at the end of the season reaches the top spot on the Leaderboard Site will win the grand cash prize of 2,000USD. Participation is completely free and open to anyone and any gym. Get ready to push your body beyond the limits!

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