Saenchai, Pakorn and Manop heading to New York for the biggest YOKKAO Muay Thai Seminar in USA!


The news of this upcoming event has already been traveling on Instagram and Twitter for a few weeks ago: YOKKAO and Stefania Picelli have officially signed an agreement with Striking 101, one of the most famous Gyms in New York, to organize three seminars marking a historical page in the history of Muay Thai in the USA. The seminars will be held in New York over the course of three days on the 13th, 14th and 15th of February, 2015. Hosting the extraordinary presences of the living legend of Muay Thai Saenchai, the YOKKAO World Champion Pakorn PKSaenchai MuayThaiGym and Manop, one of the best trainers in Thailand. For the occasion, Stefania Picelli the mastermind behind the YOKKAO brand, will travel to New York to forge strong relationships with trainers and gyms in the US. Fighters from across the United States have begun confirming their attendance to the seminars hosted by Striking 101 as soon as they picked up on this breaking news on Twitter with spots filling fast. More information will be released soon about the ways to buy and reserve tickets. Save the date, keep these days free from life and work because the best fighters of the Muay Thai World are coming to New York City!

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