Saenchai Special Guest At YOKKAO 33 - 34 In Hong Kong

Saenchai Special Guest At YOKKAO 33 - 34 In Hong Kong

YOKKAO promotions premiered in Hong Kong back in October 2016 with YOKKAO 21 - 22. Coming back for the third time this year, it has since become an annual event in the city showcasing top Muay Thai action with some of the world’s best professional athletes.

After headlining the YOKKAO shows in Hong Kong for the past 2 years, living legend Saenchai has taken a backseat from this year’s event. Although he won’t be competing in the ring, fans will be happy to know that the Muay Thai star will make a special guest appearance at YOKKAO 33 - 34. He is there not only to rally behind his YOKKAO team mates but will also be available for autograph signings and photo-taking with fans.

It is worth noting that YOKKAO promotion takes another step towards globalization with YOKKAO 33 - 34. This year’s fight card boasts a diverse lineup with 28 fighters coming from different parts of the world including Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, France and Italy.

With Manachai’s WBC title bout against Julio Lobo, A-listers like Singdam and Superlek on the card, and Saenchai’s special guest appearance, YOKKAO 33 - 34 expects to receive a bigger turnout than previous years.

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