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Article: Saenchai Takes on the Whole Gym!

Saenchai Takes on the Whole Gym!

Saenchai Takes on the Whole Gym!

No one can say that the champ Saencahi doesn’t deliver the greatest action! Whether it’s in his masterful, action packed, sold out arena fights or behind the scenes with his fellow YOKKAO teammates during his daily conditioning and training. Recently however, Saenchai was in a mood for a little more excitement than normal and decided to take on the entire YOKKAO Muay Thai Training Center Bangkok. Similar to the “Shark Tank Drill” often seen in MMA and BJJ training, Saenchai was surrounded by foreigner fighters, who each came in fresh and took turns sparring with the Living Legend. Training of this nature is of course done for a few reasons.

1. To work on Saenchai’s endurance, as he is the only one not given a break.

2. Each fighter brings a slightly different style, size, height or reach for him to deal with.

3. To keep the champ on his toes, and fully focused on his surroundings.

Make sure to visit the new Bangkok YOKKAO Muay thai Training Center soon, where you just may get a chance to see Saenchai training for his upcoming fight later this month. Also, don’t forget if visiting Bangkok you can also book a private session with the Living Legend himself at

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